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SYS-100 M-102 Eurorack
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SYS-100 M-101 Eurorack
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Digi & stuff Eurorack
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Submitted Modules

Minotaur 10 HP Filter View
4023 10 HP Filter View
1970 10 HP Filter View
Gate Step-Up 4 HP Utility View
Threshold 16 HP ComparatorSwitch View
VCO-3A 16 HP Oscillator View
SYS-700 Analog Sequencer 717 84 HP Sequencer View
SYS-700 Pulse Shaper 717 6 HP Utility View
VCF-101 (Black) 12 HP Filter View
Dalek 6 HP Ring Modulator View
Face-02 Antilog Amp 6 HP CV ModulationUtilityExternal View
Face-02 Log Amp 6 HP CV ModulationUtilityExternal View
Face-02 Trig Processor 6 HP UtilityExternal View
Face-02 Adding Amp 6 HP CV ModulationMixerUtilityExternal View
VCFive 10 HP Filter View
VCFive (Black) 10 HP Filter View
SY-CORE mk2 12 HP DrumSynth Voice View
SY-Plus 4 HP CV Modulation View
Digisound Dual ADSR 12 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
VCF-101 "Deluxe" 12 HP Filter View
Digisound Processor 12 HP AttenuatorSlew Limiter View
Digisound Dual Ring Mod 12 HP Ring Modulator View
Digisound Noise / S&H 12 HP NoiseSample and Hold View
Digisound VC Mixer 12 HP MixerVCA View
Digisound Dual VCA 12 HP VCA View
Digisound VCF PS 12 HP FilterPhase Shifter View
Digisound VCF BP 12 HP Filter View
Digisound VCF HP 12 HP Filter View
Digisound VCF LP 12 HP Filter View
Digisound VCO/LFO 12 HP LFOOscillator View
Digisound VCDO 12 HP DigitalLFOOscillator View
SYS-700 Analog Switch 723 12 HP SwitchUtility View
SYS-700 Gate Delay 713 12 HP Function GeneratorUtility View
SYS-700 Amp./Env. Foll./Integrator 707 14 HP Envelope FollowerPreAmp View
SYS-700 VCF 703F 16 HP FilterMixer View
SYS-700 VCA 704 12 HP VCAMixer View
SYS-700 VCF 703C 16 HP FilterMixer View
SYS-700 Dual ADSR 705 16 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
SYS-700 S&H 709 12 HP Sample and HoldClock Generator View
SYS-700 Multiple 710 12 HP Multiple View
SYS-700 Mixer 716 12 HP Mixer View
SYS-700 Phase Shifter 711 14 HP Phase Shifter View
SYS-700 Noise/RingMod 708 12 HP NoiseRing Modulator View
SYS-700 LFO 706 12 HP LFO View
SYS-700 VCO 702 16 HP Oscillator View
SYS-100 VCF 10 HP Filter View
Reese-30 16 HP Clock GeneratorMIDI View
SY-CORE + 14 HP DrumSynth Voice View
SYS-100 VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
SYS-100 VCA 6 HP VCA View
SYS-100 LFO 6 HP LFO View
SYS-100 ADSR 6 HP Envelope Generator View
SYS-100 Mixer 6 HP Mixer View
SYS-100 Noise 6 HP Noise View
SYS-100 Ring Mod 6 HP Ring Modulator View
SYS-100 S&H 6 HP Sample and Hold View
SYS-100 INV 6 HP MultipleUtility View
SYS-100 Glide 6 HP CV ModulationSlew LimiterUtility View

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