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Submitted Modules

Swirls 8 HP Clock GeneratorDigitalEnvelope GeneratorFrequency DividerFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
Beat Repeat 8 HP DigitalOscillatorDual/StereoEffectReverbSampling View
batteryACID CV (Resynthesis BK Panel) 16 HP DistortionDynamicsEffect View
uO_C (Runes) 8 HP View
Clouds (Runes) 18 HP View
Mutant Hot Glue 24 HP DynamicsEffectMixer View
Mutant Hihats Diy 13 HP DrumNoiseSynth Voice View
Mutant Snare Diy 13 HP DrumNoise View
Mutant Clap Diy 13 HP DrumNoiseOscillatorSynth Voice View
Galilean Moons Diy 18 HP DigitalDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorSynth VoiceVCA View
Jupiter Storm Diy 14 HP DrumNoiseOscillator View
Snare Lab 101 (black panel) 10 HP Drum View