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1-Base Left (copy)EurorackPrivate
999-Expander L Real (copy)EurorackPrivate
3-Expander Dx LEurorackPrivate
6-Top Right (copy)EurorackPrivate
2-Base Right (copy)EurorackPrivate
4-Expander Dx REurorackPrivate
4-Expander Dx R (copy)EurorackPrivate
3-Expander Dx L (copy)EurorackPrivate
6-Top RightEurorackPrivate
2-Base RightEurorackPrivate
5-Top Left (copy)EurorackPrivate
1-Base LeftEurorackPrivate
999-Expander L RealEurorackPrivate
9- TOP 172hp (copy)EurorackPrivate
9- TOP 172hpEurorackPrivate
8-Contenitore molle per A-199EurorackPrivate
5-Top LeftEurorackPrivate
7-Expander SxEurorackPrivate

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Auik was rated positive by Slocap, trackboy44 and mok9

Collection 148 modules

A-138m, A-101-3, A-102, A-103, A-115, A-116, A-117, A-119, A-124, A-128, A-132-1, A-132-4, A-133, A-134-2, A-136, A-137-1, A-137-2, A-138b, A-138e, A-140, A-143-2, A-143-3, A-143-9, A-144, A-145, A-148, A-152, A-160, A-161, A-162, A-165, A-172, A-174-1, A-180-1, A-183-3, A-188-2, A-190-3, A-196, Dixie II, Z4000 VC-EG, A-199, Filtare SEIII, Quad Invert, Buff Mult, Unity Mixer, A-101-1, 8NU8R, A-189-1, Plague Bearer - v.3, A-151, A-171-2, μVCA II, Grids, Links, Passive Switched Multiple, J-011 Joystick Math, Quantum Rainbow 2, modDemix 2014, M-012 Bipolar V-meter with Invertor, S-188 VC Clock shuffler ...for S-180, BHWR rectifier, A-160-2, A-110-4, Cascade, Delay1022 v2, A-147-2, A-160-5, F-110 5-band fixed filter bank, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, A-530 2ch(in) line preamp, P-530 2ch(out) line , DTM, qMI2 - Quad MIDI Interface, A-168-1, Optomix rev2 2016, LEVIT8, A-184-2, A-156v, U-031 Quad Gate-to-Trig converter, Blinds, card2-1u, Disting mk4, S+H, VCA, C-012 Precision dual up/down lag – slew limiter, Pico MODulator, Bin Seq, Clep Diaz, A-138s, A-111-4, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), Black Output Module v2, Mult (Black Panel), RIAA, Ivan, 4R, μO_C (Silver) , Hyrlo, A-105-4, A-132-8, A-141-4, A-123-2, A-140-2, 2Multi, Stages, Quad Envelope, nRings, Twist, Median, 3AT, Dual VCO Soulless, S-185 Gatsby, MMF, QuadAtt2 (YoMo), Pons Asinorum, F-711 SV-VCF, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, v3kt, Maths (white knobs), SMIX, CalTrans, SM800a Wobla, A-118-2, A-130-2, A-145-4, MONSOON Texture Synth /// silver, Fr@mes / 8hp uFrames with slider / Silver Panel, Quantus Pax (Silver), A-183-4, Cellz, QMS, DM, AP, sequential switch 962, SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER 960, LiNatt, Wave Runner (silver), Sallen-Key VCF, Pro OUT, Viol Ruina Silver W/Knobs, P-018 Grouped multiple / OR (Silver), A-106-5 SEM, A-108, A-113, A-142-1, A-149-1, A-149-2 and A-150

Rated Modules

This User rated 5 modules.

Skis (Aluminium) (5), Hyrlo (5), Euro Classic VCA (5), Wave Runner (silver) (3) and Wave Runner (silver) (3)
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