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Pelican Noise Box (5/25/2023) (Performer)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (5/25/2023)Eurorack
2/18/2023 - Rusty (Octatrack-driven Box, Beta Test)Eurorack
150hp Video RackEurorack
Rusty (Octatrack-driven Box, New Idea)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (4/12/22, Proto, Gramps) (copy)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (4/12/22, Proto, Gramps)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (1/13/22, Proto Test)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (9/19/2021) (copy)Eurorack
Pelican Noise Box (5/5/2021)Eurorack
Rusty (INM Control box, 5/5/2021)Eurorack
(7/29/2020) - Pelican Noise Box (load balancing)Eurorack
(5/26/2020) - Pelican Noise BoxEurorack
(4/9/2020) 9U Rusty (w INM)Eurorack
(2/27/2020) - Pelican Noise BoxEurorack
(2/27/2020) 9U French HornEurorack
9U - Rusty Voice (Edit)Eurorack
9U - Rusty VoiceEurorack
8/21/2018 - Pelican Travel CaseEurorack
8/17/18 - Oscillator Case (post-E370)Eurorack
8/19/2018 - Control Case (post-E370)Eurorack
8/4/2018 - Control CaseEurorack
Pelican Case #2 Top (Moved Radio Musics)Eurorack
9U French Horn Case v2 - (2x BrainSeed, Malekko AD/LFO, No Analog Memory)Eurorack
Pelican Case #2 (Bottom) (S.Dyne) (Actual Current)EurorackPrivate
9U French Horn Case v2 - (2x BrainSeed, No Analog Memory)Eurorack
Pelican Case #2 (Bottom) (S.Dyne)EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #2 (Bottom) (Current)EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #2 (Bottom) (Synchrodyne, E370)Eurorack
Fluxus Demo RackEurorack
Pelican Case #2 (current)EurorackPrivate
9U French Horn Case - (inc. Plexus)Eurorack
120hp Video RackEurorack
Pelican Case #1.4 - Hands On Top.EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #1.3: Noise Making Bottom.EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #1.3: Old School Top.EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #1.2: OscillatorsEurorackPrivate
9U French Horn CaseEurorack
V2.2: 120hp Sax Case #1 (Seq., Touch, Envelopes) (Neuron)Eurorack
V2: Oscillator Rack (Neuron)Eurorack
Pelican Case #2 TopEurorack
Pelican Case #2 (Bottom)EurorackPrivate
Pelican Case #1 (Bottom)EurorackPrivate
V2.2: 120hp Sax Case #1 (Seq., Touch, Envelopes)Eurorack
V2: 150hp Suitcase (Noise / Processor)Eurorack
INM RackEurorack

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