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My florid MU MU
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My Eurorack System #1 Eurorack
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My sick Eurorack 500 Series
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My gross Eurorack Eurorack Private
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145HP Eurorack Private
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My crazy Eurorack Eurorack Private
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44hp Eurorack Private
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Mission9-Demo Eurorack
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Submitted Modules

G8 4 HP Frequency DividerClock ModulatorDigitalRandomUtilitySequencer View
Thruster Kit 12 HP EffectFrequency DividerWaveshaper View
ForeCastle 18 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
Gozin 6 HP ExternalPreAmp View
Envy 16 HP Attenuator View
DLFO 6 HP LFODual/Stereo View
Buff Mult 8 HP Multiple View
Tock 6 HP Clock Generator View
Klang Meister 6 HP Ring Modulator View
Neo Mixer 20 HP Mixer View
Snappy 2 HP Sample and Hold View
Liquidus 4 HP Filter View
Ampy 2 HP VCA View
Tick 3 HP Clock Generator View
VERTY 2 HP LogicDual/Stereo View
Twiggy 2 HP Dual/StereoPolarizerRing ModulatorVCA View
ANDY 2 HP LogicDual/Stereo View
ORY 2 HP LogicDual/Stereo View
XORY 2 HP LogicDual/Stereo View
Noisy 2 HP NoiseUtility View
Hydra 5 HP Dual/StereoUtility View
Offy 4 HP QuadUtility View
Gozouta Mixer Kit 4 HP Mixer View
Euroduino Programmer Breakout 3 HP UtilityDual/Stereo View
Euro-Duino 6 HP EffectUtilityDigital View
CCBO 4 HP Expander View

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