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Intellijel 84 TwoVoice / IdeeEurorack
monome (DLD loquelic 19. Januar 2023)Eurorack
104er C (Plan B)Eurorack
64Xer Control & Data & VCA (derzeit)Eurorack
104er EEurorack
104er D (falls CVM ausgelagert)Eurorack
64Xer Control & Data & VCAEurorack
34Xer MIDI (Plan)Eurorack
48Xer MIDI & CV-MIDIEurorack
48Xer Control & Data & VCAEurorack
34Xer Control & DataEurorack
48Xer MIDI & UtilityEurorack
64Xer MIDI & UtilityEurorack
104er C (Plan A)Eurorack
84er DoppeltEurorack
intellijel 104er DoppeltEurorack
104er B (derzeit)Eurorack
104er FEurorack
104er A (bis 13.11.22)Eurorack
My impure EurorackEurorack
monome (whimsical loquelic)Eurorack
Doepfer 55Eurorack
intellijel 104 (und noch eine variation)Eurorack
monome (whimsical raps)Eurorack
intellijel 104 (dangast 2020)Eurorack
monome (OD ganz anders 5)Eurorack
intellijel 104 (OD-101/102)Eurorack
monome ODEurorack
monome (101/102/301)Eurorack
intellijel 104 (OD-101/102/301)Eurorack
64Xer ER101/102 PLUSEurorack
34Xer Log-Lin-Exp ShaperEurorack
Palette (crow)Eurorack
Palette (Monome)Eurorack
intellijel 104er Rund ums ER-101/102/301Eurorack
Zwei Paletten (all OD)Eurorack
84er Rund ums ER-101/102/301Eurorack
84er Rund ums ER-301Eurorack
Zwei PalettenEurorack
Einzeiler 1 v1Eurorack
Palette 3 (HP via Splitter)Eurorack
Behringer 55 v2Eurorack
Behringer 55 v1Eurorack
34Xer STANDALONEEurorack
34Xer EXPANDEREurorack
Palette 2Eurorack
intellijel 104er Rund ums ER-301 1Eurorack
Palette 1 (9. Mai 2020)Eurorack
buchla Skylab 4 (14 cross CV)Buchla
buchla Skylab 3 (14 cross CV)Buchla
buchla Skylab 2 (10 cross CV)Buchla
Intellijel 84 TwoVoice / Parkplatz (19. Januar 2023)Eurorack
intellijel 104 (7. März 2020)Eurorack
Moog 15 ExpansionMU
buchla Skylab 1 (11 cross CV)Buchla
intellijel 104 1u plan v1Eurorack
_intellijel 84x2 telexEurorack
_intellijel 84x2 dangastEurorack
_intellijel 84 frankfurtEurorack
Parkplatz (acidlab)Eurorack
monome (DLD loquelic friends)Eurorack
TwoVoice Black (acidlab)Eurorack
buchla 18Buchla
buchla Skylab (130924)Buchla

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