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LC1/X First Experiments Eurorack
modified Today, 04:35
LC1/4 (Feedback & 2x Ping + Drum & Matter) Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 17:02
Go Go Eurorack Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 16:23
LC1/3 (Voice‘n‘Ping + Drum & Matter) Eurorack
modified Today, 04:36
LC1/2 (2 Voices and some other Stuff) Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 17:02
LC1/1 (Atmospheric Disting + Drum & Matter) Eurorack
modified Yesterday, 17:02
My fizzy Eurorack (copy) Eurorack
modified Wednesday April 07, 14:19

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Submitted Modules

HZR - SuperWarpGenerator 4 HP RandomSynth Voice View
Pusherman Levels (HZR Version) 4 HP Attenuator View
Doepfer A-145-1 LFO 8 HP LFO View
HZR - Dalek Ringmod 4 HP Ring Modulator View
HZR - 606BD (David Haillant) 4 HP DrumSynth Voice View
HZR - 6x107 (Hexa VCA) 8 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationDynamicsLow Pass GateUtilityVCA View
XO106-R4.5 8 HP FilterNoiseOscillatorSynth Voice View

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Matter ii (gold) (5) and RAW DATA ! (4)
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