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DangerTech 1Eurorack
Live Rig Blue 6uEurorack
Live Rig Enclave 6uEurorack
Doepfer Black BeautyEurorack
Custom Green Snakeskin Monorocket StyleEurorack
Monorocket Black BaseEurorack
Doepfer Snazzy BeautyEurorack
Doepfer Xaoc BeautyEurorack
ADDAC BaseEurorack
ADDAC BabyFrameEurorack
Monorocket Red Snakeskin 6uEurorack
Custom MakeNoise White Monorocket StyleEurorack
Scentury Cedar LiveWireEurorack
Scentury Cedar Eastern BlokEurorack
Monsterish BaseEurorack
Scentury Cedar 15uEurorack
Doepfer Analog ModularEurorackPrivate
DIY MetalWoodEurorack
Monorocket Red Snakestar 9uEurorack
Doepfer Black MiniModularEurorack
MakeNoise WMCP Bamboo SkiffEurorack
Monorocket Red Snake BaseEurorack
Wiard GoikeEurorack
Modular FlightEurorack
Monorocket Black M9EurorackPrivate
TipTop Silver BulletEurorack
Monorocket White Intellijel Snakeskin M6Eurorack
Monorocket Black M6cEurorack
Monorocket Blonde GeminiEurorack

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This User rated 8 modules.

Model 36 (5), Model 24 Heisenberg Generator (5), Model 25 (5), LVL+rm (5), Model 23 (4), Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope (4), Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate (4) and Tame Machine (4)
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