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Submitted Modules

Timetable 12 HP Clock ModulatorLogicOscillatorSequencer View
Logoi 10 HP Clock Modulator View
CGS762 - Slope Detector 7 HP LogicUtilityComparator View
Analogue Memory 20 HP Controller View
Trigger Sequencer 14 HP Sequencer View
Graphic Sequencer 14 HP Sequencer View
Low-Gain Short Bus 6 HP LogicMixer View
ADDAC501 Complex Random 8 HP Random View
ADDAC203 CV Mapping 4 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationDual/Stereo View
PGM-4X4 24 HP ControllerSequencer View

Rated Modules

This User rated 3 modules.

Graphic Sequencer (4), Logoi (4) and Trigger Sequencer (3)
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