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VU-PERCs Eurorack Private
Little Green Drone Machine Eurorack Private
Roland Case Eurorack Private
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Superbooth17 Eurorack Private
Buchla Buchla Private
TFOM 2017 Eurorack Private
BMC Panels Eurorack View
Bench Box Eurorack View
Amalgamod 7U (Performance Case) Eurorack Private
Amalgamod 7U (Oscillosaurus Show Boat) Eurorack Private
TFOM / KFOM 2018 Eurorack Private
Wall Synth (1260 84x5x3) Eurorack Private
Erica Control Skiffs Eurorack Private
Roland System 500 Eurorack View
Amalgamod 12U (Performance Case) Eurorack Private
Slightly Nasty case Serge View
Wall Synth (1260 84x5x3) (copy) Eurorack Private
Wall Synth (1260 84x5x3) (copy) (copy) Eurorack Private
Wall Synth (1260 84x5x3) (current) Eurorack Private
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Submitted Modules

BMC15 VCA Mixer 12 HP MixerVCA View
Rings (PCB Panel) 14 HP ExternalFilterOscillator View
Frames (PCB Panel) 18 HP ControllerDigitalQuadSequencer View
temps utile (PCB Panel) 14 HP Clock GeneratorDigitalRandom View
Sauce of Unce (Magpie Modular panel) 10 HP NoiseRandomSample and Hold View
Primal Hyperchaos (Magpie Modular panel) 8 HP Clock GeneratorRandom View
Marbles (PCB Panel) 18 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorQuantizerRandomSequencer View
Shelves Expander (PCB Panel) 4 HP Expander View
Plaits (PCB Panel) 12 HP NoiseOscillatorSynth VoiceWaveshaper View
Stages (PCB Panel) 14 HP ControllerCV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorLFOSample and HoldSequencerSlew LimiterUtility View
Terminal Tedium (PCB Panel) 20 HP DigitalSampling View
Shelves (PCB Panel) 16 HP EqualizerFilter View
Branches (PCB Panel) 6 HP Clock ModulatorSwitch View
Sheep (PCB Panel) 14 HP Oscillator View
Warps (PCB Panel) 10 HP Dual/StereoEffectPitch Shifter View
Edges (PCB Panel) 20 HP DigitalOscillator View
Elements (PCB Panel) 34 HP DigitalDrumDual/StereoOscillatorSynth Voice View
Braids (PCB Panel) 16 HP DigitalNoiseOscillatorSynth Voice View
ornament+crime (pcb panel) 14 HP CV ModulationDigitalFunction GeneratorQuantizer View
Grids (PCB Panel) 16 HP Sequencer View
Ripples (PCB Panel) 8 HP FilterVCA View
BMC11 Waveform Animator 6 HP Effect View
Hades 42 HP Synth Voice View
BMC25 FM Drum 8 HP Drum View
BMC49 Attenuverting Mixer 8 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizer View
BMC34 Switched Resistor VCF 10 HP Filter View
Kinks (PCB Panel) 4 HP LogicNoiseSample and HoldUtilityWaveshaper View
Shades (PCB Panel) 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizer View
Yarns (PCB Panel) 12 HP MIDIOscillatorQuadSequencer View
Streams (PCB Panel) 12 HP Dual/StereoDynamicsEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorVCA View
Links (PCB Panel) 4 HP MixerMultiple View
Tides (PCB Panel) 14 HP Clock GeneratorDigitalEnvelope GeneratorFrequency DividerFunction GeneratorLFOOscillator View
Peaks (PCB Panel) 8 HP DrumDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorLFOSequencerDelay View
Clouds (PCB Panel) 18 HP DelayDigitalEffectPitch Shifter Sampling View
Veils (PCB Panel) 12 HP MixerQuadUtilityVCA View
Blinds (PCB Panel) 12 HP MixerPolarizerQuadRing ModulatorUtilityVCA View
SSOMA 12 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerQuadSequencerSwitchCV Modulation View
Massive Passive (Multiple Version) 2 HP FilterMultipleUtilityDual/Stereo View
Crosscaler 2 HP AttenuatorMixerUtility View
D11 Schurter AC Power Entry Module 8 HP Power View