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Pandora's Box sketch 2c - FS Rings+BeadsEurorack
Pandora's Box sketch 2b - BeadsEurorack
Percussion Case interim Hybrid v2EurorackPrivate
Percussion Case interim hybrid v1Eurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v26 ADSR ShakeupEurorack
Pandora's Box sketch 2a - FS RingsEurorack
Percussion Case v24 Iceland versionEurorack
Percussion Case v23 Sept 2021Eurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v25.2Eurorack
an odd collectionEurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v24Eurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v23 April 2021Eurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v22Eurorack
Percussion Case v22 post-TardisEurorack
Feeding the TardisEurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout v21 (Patching the Monster webcast)Eurorack
Percussion Case v21 changing tunersEurorack
Patching the Monster - May 2020Eurorack
Chris Meyer/Learning Modular's studio systemEurorack
Feeding the Monster: Learning Modular Live StreamEurorack
LMS starter case - Erica + BehringerEurorack
Intellijel starting caseEurorackPrivate
ADDAC Monster Frame layout 20 - first tweak after Monster seriesEurorack
Eurorack Expansion host v4 (2019)Eurorack
Eurorack Expansion host v3 (2018)Eurorack
ADDAC Monster Frame layout 17 - pre-overhaulEurorack
Percussion Case - version 1Eurorack
Chris Meyer's Monster Frame: Rig Rundown, November 19 2017Eurorack
LM - Roland System 500Eurorack
Eurorack Expansion host v2 (6U 84HP w/V-Scale)Eurorack
Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion Round 1Eurorack
Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack ExpansionEurorack
Learning Modular Synthesis: Mother-32 Example RackEurorack
Eurorack Expansion host v1 (6U 84HP)Eurorack
transpose modulesEurorack
logic and clock combinersEurorack
buffered multiplesEurorack
Inverting & Offsetting MixersEurorack
Learning Modular Synthesis systemEurorack

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Evolution (5), 321 (5), AFRORACK 4hp c/o AFRORACK (5) and 6hp Diode VCF Steiner 10 Stage Re-Release 2015 Fall (4)
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