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my wiring is a mess Eurorack View
That's all I got folks, move along Eurorack View
6U/104 Eurorack View
Superbooth 2017 Synth Bag Eurorack View
Knobs and wires 2018 Synth Bag Eurorack View
Behringer104 Eurorack View

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Submitted Modules

QD - Quad Drum Voice 22 HP QuadDrumSampling View
ZeroScope 6 HP UtilityTuner View
trig31 4 HP DrumMIDIUtility View
T43 4 HP UtilityCV ModulationMixer View
Euclidean Circles v2 10 HP SequencerFrequency DividerRandomUtility View
Euclidean Circles 10 HP Clock ModulatorFrequency DividerSequencerRandomUtility View
Six Switches 2 HP ExpanderSwitchUtility View
4hp - headphone amplifier in 4hp 4 HP ExternalUtility View
Patch Notes 8 HP MultipleUtility View
Spooky Action 8 HP Clock GeneratorMIDIUtility View
p0wr 4 HP PowerUtility View
av500 - 8step 4 HP Clock ModulatorDigital View
av500 - MatrixMix64 12 HP Mixer View
av500 - EG 4 HP Envelope Generator View
av500 - S3QU3NZ8 8 HP Sequencer View
av500 - 3MIX 4 HP Mixer View
av500 - SPEAKR 10 HP Utility View
av500 - P9 2 HP Multiple View
av500 - probetiple 2 HP MultipleUtility View
av500 - RING33 4 HP Ring Modulator View
av500 - P0WR1N 6 HP Power View
av500 - MIDI2CV 8 HP MIDI View
av500 - I/O 4 HP AttenuatorUtility View
av500 - VCO030 8 HP DigitalOscillator View
av500 - V1000 6 HP Effect View

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Rated Modules

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Euclidean Circles (5), 4hp - headphone amplifier in 4hp (5), ZeroScope (5), EC Mute (5), Sinfonion (5) and Test 3 (4)
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