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WIP * Doepfer & Proel v7 (210514)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Trautonium Klangerbeitung (210415)EurorackPrivate
WIP * MI2 (210503)EurorackPrivate
* ETGD2 (Émilie, Tony, Gur, Danjel & Dan) (April-May 21)EurorackPrivate
Mutable NGEurorackPrivate
WIP * TubesEurorackPrivate
Zzz * BCB-60 (190524)(190626)PedalsPrivate
WIP * Roland System-1M (2019) (4MNIT rear)EurorackPrivate
* West Coast Workbox IIIa - Serge (210418)EurorackPrivate
* 4MNIT Grayscale (2019)EurorackPrivate
* MI2 (Feb 2021)EurorackPrivate
* West Coast Workbox IIIa - Wiard (210419)EurorackPrivate
WIP * Efecto Pigmalión 3U (210330) (MI2 rear)EurorackPrivate
WIP * MI2 Grayscale (Feb 2021)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * All-in-one (pre-1607 expansion build)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel upgrade (EMIS 180627)EurorackPrivate
WIP * All-in-One, Part 1 (210415)EurorackPrivate
WIP * Klangerbeitung (Doepfer A-100P6) (210513)EurorackPrivate
* West Coast Workbox IIIb (190326, 190823, 210410)EurorackPrivate
* All-in-One, Part 2 (210410)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * All-in-One, Part 1 (210410)EurorackPrivate
* Klangspektrum V (Doepfer A-100LC6) (210415)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v6 (200925, Feb-Mar 21) - Option 1EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v6 (200925, Feb-Apr 21) - Option 2EurorackPrivate
# Wish List / Tubalar, Tubalar2-8EurorackPrivate
WIP * Field Kit+ (190808)PedalsPrivate
* Trautonium Klangerzeugung VI (Doepfer A-100P9) (200919, 210402)EurorackPrivate
* BCB-60 (190626)(190703)PedalsPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v5 (190321, 190903)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v6 (190308) NO GRAYSCALEEurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180919) Option D4EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180628) Option D3EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180628) Option D2EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180210) Option B1EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Summer 2018 Shopping List (Doepfer from EMIS 180627)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v6 (180525, 181118, 190308)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180210) Option D1EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180210) Option C (lowest cost)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180210) Option B2EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v5 (180216)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v4 (180210) Option AEurorackPrivate
Zzz * All-in-One, Part 2 (171218)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * All-in-One, Part 1 (171218)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v3 (171125)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v4 (171111)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * All-in-One (170928)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v3 (170824) ('Serge' rear update)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v2 (170527) (170619 update) (Grayscale) with OrphanageEurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v2 (170127) (Morpheus) (170623 update)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v2 (170527) (170619 update) (Grayscale)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v2 (170527) (170608 update) (Grayscale) ALTEurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v2 (170127) (Morpheus) (170521 update)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Proel v 2 (170127) (Morpheus) (170422 update) ALTEurorackPrivate
Zzz * MoDularFrame Silver v1 (170127) (Doepfer 'West Coast' rear side)EurorackPrivate
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v2 (170127) (Morpheus) (170407 update)EurorackPrivate
Ext * EuroSerge Catalogue (Elby Designs)Eurorack
Zzz * Doepfer & Proel v1 (161108) (Elements RHS R5) (Grayscale)EurorackPrivate

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Lumanoise v4Eurorack
Lumanoise v3Eurorack

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Collection 199 modules

A-104, A-106-1, A-106-6, A-112, A-113, A-117, A-119, A-128, A-132-4, A-137-2, A-138b, A-138d, A-138e, A-140, A-143-1, A-143-9, A-144, A-150, A-152, A-156, A-166, A-175, A-177-2, A-180-1, A-182-1, A-183-2, A-185-1, A-188-1D, A-192-2, Pressure Points, Brains, CVP, Mix, Rene, Quantimator, Sport Modulator, A-100B2, A-199, 1hp Blank, Stoicheia, A-100B1, MA35 VCF / A, E340 Cloud Generator, E560 Deflector Shield, Triple Wave Folder, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, A-100B4, A-100B8, Boogie Filter, XMIX, Modular Solo, Logoi, Joystick Axis Generator, A-101-1, M303, A-100B42, WAVE COMPOSITION OSCILLATOR, SAMPLE & HOLD, VCA - Voltage Controlled Amplifier, PATCH 1, A-171-2, Klasmata, Richter Anti-Oscillator, Richter NoiseRing, Richter Envelator, A-135-1, Links, Yarns, Tides (2014 version), CP3, VCO 102, ROW POWER 30, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM), B-Mult black, 1U 6HP Blank Eurorack Panel, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM) Expander, Matrix 100, Mysteron, Erbe-Verb, A-190-4, A-101-6, VCA, ROW POWER 40, Quad VCF/VCA, LepLOOP CASSA, OWL Modular, CTACT black, DSM01 Curtis Filter, A-138u, AXIS, VCF DIODE, Elements, Streams, Minimod Vintage Transistor Core VCO, MiniMod Discrete Cascaded VCA, MiniMod Glide + Noise, A-147-2, Richter Wogglebug 2014, ADE-32 Octocontroller, A-139-2, FH-1 'faderHost', DSM02 Character Module, EF / Preamp, Multi-Envelope, Telharmonic, R-110, Warps, Mutable Instruments Peaks (Grayscale panel), SYSTEM-1m, Scan & Pan, Tri-ger, A-180-3, A-124 SE, DATA (powder/silk panel), Open Sound Module, A-110-4 SE, Moog Mother-32, Disting mk3, Rings, Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM), ADDAC911, Octone, Tempi, A-132-3v, A-118V, A-180-2v, A-184-1, SATELLITE, CONTROL FORGE, MORPHEUS, Optomix rev2 2016, Chord, A-106-5 SE, Quadratt 1U, Mult 1U, Audio I/O 1U, Audio I/O Jacks 1U, Line-out 1U, µMIDI JACKS, USB Power 1U, A-111-3, Noise Rainbow, ES-8, Mother's Little Helper, Source D'Energie, Pico VCF1, A-155v, O'Tool Plus, 2HP 1U Blank, uZeus, A-110-1v, A-148v, RedLine Multiple GJ01, Ears, Haible Tau Phaser, 3:1, Trim, Disting mk4, Headphones 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Buff Mult 1U, Planar 180°, ONE, Brst, Clk, VCA, Tuesday, A-180-9, MIDI, FS-6, General CV, Test 3, V-Scale Variable Buffer (Silver Panel Version), Serge Audio Mixer (RC), Serge Audio Mixer (MC), AVert, Varigate 4+, Field Kit, Pedal I/O 1U, Pedal I/O JACKS 1U, ADE-33 Event Boss, Select Bus breakout, ALM019 - HPO, µMIDI 1U, Octalink 1U, Tides, Steppy 1U, 1uO_c, RC-30, 1uT_u (Old Panel), A-180-4 Quad Buffer, Wavelet (w 1u Panel), Apex (w 1u Panel), BCB-60 Pedal Board, Transmuter, PWR Checker, Mutes, ochd and NiftyCASE I/O Panel

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Rene (5) and Open Sound Module (1)
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