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Submitted Modules

Multi-band Distortion 18 HP DynamicsDistortionEqualizer View
Collude 8 HP DynamicsEnvelope Follower View
vactrol PiLL 4 HP LFOOscillator View
ADSR312 8 HP Envelope Generator View
Delay No More 8 HP DelayEffect View
2xLFO 8 HP LFODual/Stereo View
4seq 8 HP Sequencer View
Cluster 42 HP MixerVCA View
Rungler/Fader/WaveShaper/Phaser 6 HP RandomWaveshaper View
250EQ 2 HP Equalizer View
CGS733 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer 26 HP Mixer View
ES12 - Triple Bi-directional Router 8 HP Utility View
CellF action panel 84 HP DelayFilterLow Pass GateMixerOscillatorRandomVCA View

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Collection 2 modules

Clep Diaz and Delay No More
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