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  • Joranalogue Audio Design Step 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Today, 09:46
    In anticipation of Step 8's imminent release, BRiES presents 8 in-depth patch examples for our new, super-flexible Sequential Tracking/Sampling Register. Ready, set, go: 
  • Intellijel Xfade 1U Intellijel  Yesterday, 17:43
    New Dj-style stereo crossfader and CV generator. The crossfader component is made by Innofader and uses 'moving capacitance technology' for ultra-low friction and precise feel. Available now! 
  • Lower West Side Studio  Monday November 28, 12:30
    It's Cyber Monday at Lower West Side Studio! Save 15% on all modules during our Cyber Monday Sale! Purchase 4 or more modules and receive an additional 10% savings!! Visit before midnight November 28th (GMT-5) to save! 
  • mnemonic devices Juniper mnemonic devices  Sunday November 27, 13:12
    Firmware 0.1.4 has been released! Check for more information 
  • Apollo View Modular Allscillator Apollo View Modular  Saturday November 26, 11:22
    Apollo View releases the new Allscillator analogue VCO. Which features 8 simultaneously available waveforms, including a unique Square Sine, Shartook, PWM Saw, and a choice of three Sub octave outputs. With PWM, Exponential FM, Linear FM and 3 types of sync, it squeezes a lot of functionality out of 10HP. 
  • Plum Audio VASAT (Black) Plum Audio  Friday November 25, 16:26
    VASAT is our new Expandable Mixer / Attenuverter / Offset utility Dual channel in only 10HP 1U module - Several units can be chained together to get a bigger mixer. Black Friday sale on Plum Audio web store - 15% off! 
  • NoisyFruitsLab 10CHAN ultmt NoisyFruitsLab  Friday November 25, 15:10
    10CHAN ultimate is an update to the successful 10CHAN It´s a 10 channel faderbank that acts as attenuator or voltage source with clickless mutes. Ready for Eurorack or Desktop with included case. The voltage range of a fader pair can be defined on the backside via jumpers. (5V & 9V) It´s made for audio and cv signals 😉  
  • Lower West Side Studio  Thursday November 24, 13:05
    Save 15% on all modules during our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Purchase 4 or more modules and receive an additional 10% savings!! Visit to save! 
  • Fully Wired Electronics  Nov 21st, 16:01
    The Fully Wired Electronics 2022 Winter discount is now active on our store. Get 15% off storewide from November 21st 2022 until January 5th 2023. 
  • Fully Wired Electronics Transistor Ladder Filter Fully Wired Electronics  Nov 20th, 13:28
    The Transistor Ladder Filter is an affordable 8HP 24dB per Octave low pass resonant filter, that embodies a classic sound. Our first filter features 1 Volt per Octave key tracking, as well as a modulation input with an attenuator. The TFL also features an attenuator for the audio input. The TLF is now available for pre-order, with sound and video demos to follow! 
  • Fully Wired Electronics Mini-Logic Fully Wired Electronics  Nov 20th, 13:25
    We are pleased to announce that the Fully Wired Electronics Mini-Logic will be ready to ship by December 12th 2022! We would like to thank everyone who has pre-ordered a Mini-Logic, your orders will take priority and we look forward to confirming your shipment soon! 
  • Stoel Music Systems  Nov 18th, 20:57
    Early Black Friday sale through November 28. 25% off $200 or more. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY25. 
  • CubuSynth VCFA CubuSynth  Nov 18th, 13:24
    Our New VCFA Multimode Filter & Amplifier module is out!! 🥳 Catch yours at: Wishing you an inspiring weekend, CubuSynth Team. 💜🎛💚 
  • Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID M4 - Motor Fader Unit Der Mann mit der Maschine  Nov 18th, 11:44
    Today at 6pm German time is the official release of the M4 motor fader controller for Droid. The first and only module with motor faders in Eurorack! You can get a Droid from our shop and from severals dealers world wide. 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Delay 1 Joranalogue Audio Design  Nov 17th, 15:17
    The video for our visit to SchneidersLaden is now online! A masterclass in Eurorack from the comfort of your living room, presented by our very own Frits Jacobs (aka Alter Fritz). Watch it here: 
  • Bizarre Jezabel  Nov 16th, 21:35
    dear friends, new modules again  
  • Tokyo Tape Music Center TOKYO GATE Tokyo Tape Music Center  Nov 16th, 02:56
    back in stock.  
  • Steady State Fate Steady State Gate Steady State Fate  Nov 11th, 20:37
    The Steady State Gate is now shipping direct orders. Limited stock still available.  
  • Cosmotronic Cosmix Pro Cosmotronic  Nov 11th, 09:13
    Cosmix Pro - stereo mixer, coming this January 
  • XODES  Nov 11th, 08:38
    You've been adding our 1U drum modules prototypes in your rack, desperately waiting for these to be released?! Now is the time to show us how bad you want these, we've just launched a crowdfunding campaign! 
  • Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID M4 - Motor Fader Unit Der Mann mit der Maschine  Nov 11th, 08:08
    M4 and S10 available from November 18, 6pm! After an endless time of development, public beta test and production, the long awaited M4 motor fader controller will finally be released! Also the new S10 switch controller is ready to ship. The great date is November 18, 6 pm German time. The new modules will also be available from most of our dealers. Please check the Dealers page. 
  • Knobula Chord Pilot Knobula  Nov 9th, 19:53
    Introducing Chord Pilot, your Midi Chord Generator for Eurorack. Generating extraordinary chords without using a keyboard. Chord Pilot introduces a whole new take on the task of chord creation and performance offering 192 chord memories, a strummer, an arpeggiator and an 8 step chord progression sequencer, all in one compact 12hp package. 
  • Wavefonix  Nov 7th, 21:02
    November sale - we are currently offering up to 20% off our entire range of Eurorack modules and synthesizers. Find out more on our store here:
  • Robaux LL8 2 Robaux  Nov 3rd, 10:31
    The big buttons are back! Today we present you the sequel of the Little Eight: The LL8 II 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Step 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Nov 2nd, 12:50
    The wait is almost over—Step 8 is coming 2022-12-06. Check with your Eurorack dealer of choice to pre-order now! 
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