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Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Redux
27 Feb 2024 Steady State Fate
The SSF classic random is reborn! Check out the Divkid demo: Join us for the premier; 2/27/24 at 3pm EST 
Fully Wired Electronics Multi-Logic
We currently have 5 B-Grade Multi-Logic units listed on our website. These units are being sold at a discount price of £95/ $120.94 (USD)/ €111.22 but are NEW. These B-Stock units come with an extended manufacturers warranty of 2 years, rather than 12 months. 
23 Feb 2024 omsonic
I will be offering small limited runs of my 16HP blank panels and then possible KIT version of some new module in the coming months. Leading up to a full on sound design oriented stand alone synthesizer intentional with NO patch point just L& R audio out. ENJOY !  
Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Distortion, Dark Mode
23 Feb 2024 Stoel Music Systems
Make larger-than-life basslines, leads, and drums with subtle to over-the-top distortion. The Stoel Music Systems Vacuum Tube Distortion now is available in Dark Mode. Check out the in-depth demo here: 
Beers Melakarta
22 Feb 2024 Beers
The prototypes have been a long time neglected but finally got a finished version of Melakarta up on the shop. Carnatic sequencer/transposer that turns gates, CV, and clock signals from your system into melodies that fit inside one of 72 manually programmable scales. All analogue, even though it's kind of silly to do it that way. Tons of fun, or at least my mates say so. 
NoisyFruitsLab 4Fade
21 Feb 2024 NoisyFruitsLab
Vactrolized quad VCA mixer with pre listening phones out and expanding features. 
Cycle Instruments Tetrachords
19 Feb 2024 Cycle Instruments
Manual updates released for the Tetrachords module. 
Feedback LFO100
19 Feb 2024 Feedback
Complex analogue LFO from a vintage Japanese modular system! 
Der Mann mit der Maschine E4


E4 - The Encoder Controller NEW MODULE ALERT - E4 - 4 endless encoders with integrated buttons and visual feedback enables DROID users with even more patch efficiency. There’s a new circuit to be used together with the E4 to get hands on all the features and even more, a new sequencer called the encoquencer.  
Feedback VCZIIIB Premium
16 Feb 2024 Feedback
Check our latest VCO from the famous British pin matrix synth released in 1969.  
Feedback VCZIIIA Premium
16 Feb 2024 Feedback
Check our latest VCO from the famous British pin matrix synth released in 1969. 
L-Fusion Electronics Dual Analog Triangle VCO with Through Zero FM - Precision tracking
14 Feb 2024 L-Fusion Electronics
Dual Triangle Core VCO 2.2 release with many improvements:Octave switch changed from 6 to 8 positions for deeper modulation, added startup circuit to prevent VCO lockup on start for those with asymmetric power supplies, extra components for accurate sine outputs with virtually no offset for pitch perfect through zero FM, improved accuracy, noise levels and reduced power consumption. 
Modulove MVMNT
14 Feb 2024 Modulove
Ride the wave with MVMNT - The Bezier Curve Smooth Random CV Module is on its way! Stay tuned for our pre-launch raffle on our website. Get ready to embrace the flow, it's all about the movement. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! 
13 Feb 2024 Synthfox
The SLEDGEHAMMER dynamics and harmoinics smasher is now restocked - as is the KON slew limiting voltage processor and its elder sister EBB & FLOW dual programmable slope generator! 
ph modular JOY II
10 Feb 2024 ph modular
NEW JOY! With a joystick that maintains its position after release! 
ph modular 2HP Signal switch
9 Feb 2024 ph modular
MUTE module, mono or stéréo, with quality vactrols ! 
NoisyFruitsLab Mute
7 Feb 2024 NoisyFruitsLab
Switched ...  
NOH-modular Pianist
5 Feb 2024 NOH-modular
Introducing the Pianist, a complex voiced chord sequencer! It sequences chords using v/oct with up to 8-note of polyphony you can choose from. The module also has alternative modes to make it compatible with Chord v2 (Qu-Bit Electronix) and Plaits (Mutable Instruments) in their chord modes! The NOH-modular Pianist is available at Signal Sounds right now! More info about the module here - Thanks :) 
Clatters Sibilla
4 Feb 2024 Clatters
Sibilla v1.2 is here! The new firmware is now available on our GitHub page. More details here: 
Infrasonic Audio Warp Core
2 Feb 2024 Infrasonic Audio
A limited restock of Warp Core is now available! For a limited time also get 25% off WC:EX EG/VCA expander for Warp Core if you buy them both together in the same checkout. 
CubuSynth VCLFO V2
2 Feb 2024 CubuSynth
New Release!!! 🥳 💜💚 Complex Voltage controlled Low frequency oscillator, with all the features you could ask for in a LFO module. • 16 Waveforms selectable in two Banks of 8 • Frequency range: 0.05Hz to 12.8Hz (102.4Hz with multiplier x8) • 6 CV inputs for Multiplier, Frequency, Step Rate, Skew, Waveform and Level • "Sync" Input for LFO reset, or Step Sync • 3 outputs: Uni-Polar, Bi-Polar inverted and Bi-Polar normal  
Synthfox KON
1 Feb 2024 Synthfox


The handy and compact multifunctional wide-range slew limiting voltage processor, KON, is now back in stock at the SYNTHFOX reverb page! 
1 Feb 2024 WORNG Electronics
The end of 2023 saw some big accolades for ACRONYM, with Sinesquares awarding it Best Analogue Oscillator of 2023 and judging it Best Eurorack Oscillator. It's great to see all the hard work we put into making it musical, playable, tuneful and versatile has been recognised. We're sure ACRONYM will be a future classic so grab one now while you can! 
Cycle Instruments Tetrachords
31 Jan 2024 Cycle Instruments
The first orders of Tetrachords have left the building! Tetrachords modules shipping NOW from Australia worldwide. 
Holocene Electronics Air-Wave Modulation Source
30 Jan 2024 Holocene Electronics
Hello, world! Introducing the Air-Wave Modulation Source. A voltage-controlled FM radio receiver,LFO, and S&H module. Extract random voltages from broadcasting stations and static noise. Available now at 
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