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  • eurorack essentials flip-sides active eurorack essentials  Today, 15:48
    Little flip-sides active demo video + UNBOXING flip-sides active at Schneidersladen Showroom Flips and mutes also at audio-range ;) YOUTUBE DEMO VIDEO IS IN PRODUCTION... ENJOY 
  • eurorack essentials  Friday January 17, 14:29
    eurorack essentials first batch of active modules arrived at Schneidersladen :) flips-sides active and 2Xflip-sides active are ready for patching at Schneidersladen Showroom! ENJOY 
  • Erd BREATH Erd  Wednesday January 15, 10:33
    I am happy to release the new ERD/BREATH module designed for the precise voltage control (CV) of heat and thus smoke production within a modular, eurorack setting. ERD/BREATH is released in a first batch of 20 units, within an edition of 50. All the Colours of the Noise will be released in March 2020. 
  • 2hp  Tuesday January 14, 23:41
    Introducing the 2hp Lunchbox! As well as 3 new modules: Loop, Pitch & Comp. Check it out here! 
  • Qu-Bit Electronix  Tuesday January 14, 17:24
    Announcing new Qu-Bit modules: Aurora - Spectral Reverb, Data Bender - Circuit Bent Audio Buffer, Surface - Multi-Timbral Physical Modeling Voice, and Cascade - Ratcheting Envelope Generator. 
  • ph Mixer++ ph  Jan 10th, 14:43
    NEW VERSION 2 AVAILABLE !! This is the news: And always the same price! Christian 
  • Hexinverter Électronique Mutant BD9 Hexinverter Électronique  Jan 8th, 16:29
    Mutant BD9 is back in stock! With a new faceplate colour to match Mindphaser when it arrives. 
  • NANO Modules QUART NANO Modules  Jan 7th, 15:09
    Introducing QUART ⚔️ Give shape to your sounds with its 4 independent functions that can work as Low Frequency Oscillators or Attack-Decay Envelopes. Available this month at your favourite dealer  
  • ph Passive reversal of signal routing ph  Jan 6th, 19:38
    AVAILABLE VERY SOON (2 WEEKS!) This new module purpose a reversal of signal routing with attenuator & multiple... Low price and low HP!! 
  • Arcus Audio Dual LIN/EXP VCA Arcus Audio  Jan 4th, 05:29
    Dual VCA with selectable linear or exponential response. CV attenuation knobs and Bi-color LEDs to indicate output signal. All of this in a compact 2 HP. 
  • Lower West Side Studio Fixed Filter Bank Pro Lower West Side Studio  Dec 31st 2019, 15:51
    Lower West Side Studio recently released the Fixed Filter Bank Pro. This adaptation of Yusynth's Fixed Filter Bank provides outputs for each individual frequency.  
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3 Joranalogue Audio Design  Dec 31st 2019, 14:15
    The highly anticipated Divkid video is here: listen to a Yorkshireman talk about Generate 3 for an hour! (Seriously do, it's very good.) 
  • Steady State Fate Zero Point Oscillator Steady State Fate  Dec 23rd 2019, 22:09
    The Zero point Oscillator has arrived. The ZPO will challenge your conception of what an analog VCO is capable of. Thru-Zero FM, Ring Modulation, Complex Wave Shaping and more! Check out Divkid's demo, here:  
  • CaviSynth VUM CaviSynth  Dec 23rd 2019, 10:01
    Oh oh oh! New (and last) batch of our claimed VUM eurorack 4HP 2ch vumeter by cavisynth and @olivierkolly (re)available now on the Web shop! Only 20 units Happy holydays ! 
  • Klavis Quadigy Klavis  Dec 22nd 2019, 16:47
    Quadigy firmware 1.10 brings both requested and unexpected features. Due to its success, the Quadigy is sold out in our stock but hopefully still available at retailers. Check them out quickly, next ones won't be available before the end of February. A new video by Martin Doudoroff covers the Preset control by CV/trig and the Morphing between presets. 
  • Mazzatron Mult + Pass Thru Mazzatron  Dec 22nd 2019, 15:43
    This unique module was just realeased! Only $29! Check it out! 
  • ReBach CATCH VCF-AB ReBach  Dec 21st 2019, 22:37
    New stock in Australia, now the Black CATCH line VCF-AB but also the VCO-AB and VCA-AB available at Tin Shed Modular!  
  • Mazzatron OCTOROT Mazzatron  Dec 21st 2019, 19:05
    Introducing the OCTOROT!!! 8-Channel Signal Rotator!!! Released just in time for the big Christmas sale happening now at where you can get 30% off of your entire purchase!!! Promo code: JINGLEBLEEP 
  • Klavis Flexshaper Klavis  Dec 21st 2019, 16:26
    The Flexshaper is a voltage mapper and parametric waveshaper. Five settings allow you to fold/expand/clip/compress/invert partially or completely any CV or audio signal. The module can act as an envelope-shaping tool, frequency multiplier, waveshaper, clipper, distortion, limiter, curve changer, and more. Five CV inputs offer limitless control over the placement of the voltage points for dynamic signal sculpting. 
  • eurorack essentials  Dec 14th 2019, 02:12
    eurorack essentials DIY - KITs are just shipped to exploding-shed and will be ready to pick up / order right before XMAS :* from 17.12.19 on. Ready for XMAS DIY flip-sides, dualswitch, LOW-CUT ...... more coming soon. ENJOY 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3 Joranalogue Audio Design  Dec 12th 2019, 19:13
    "A very fancy name for a very fancy oscillator." The Synth DiY Guy is here to show you why you might want to add a through-zero multiphonic signal generator to your rack: 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3 Joranalogue Audio Design  Dec 3rd 2019, 20:45
    Join modular synthesist Nordlys for a 20-minute exploration of Generate 3's sonic capabilities. Sound only, no talking, no effects (except for a touch of reverb). 
  • AI Synthesis AI016 Tape Interface AI Synthesis  Dec 3rd 2019, 18:10
    The AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface is a Limited Edition Module that uses a pre-amp and buffered feedback loops to allow a standard three head tape recorder as an analog tape echo. 
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