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  • Modulaire Maritime Sindikat (Alu Panel) Modulaire Maritime  Yesterday, 17:51
    "Sindikat" now in silver! Modulaire Maritime's smart-utility module available now with aluminium panel. 
  • Intellijel VCO 1U Intellijel  Friday July 30, 20:46
    The VCO 1U is our latest module to join the continuously growing family of 1U modules. This is a super handy VCO and LFO in a compact package. The tracking is excellent and the waveforms are very pure. Great to use as a modulation source but equally good as a primary sound source. In stock and shipping now! 
  • Wavefonix  Friday July 30, 18:33
    We have released four new modules in Classic finish, that are now available to buy from our online store. Find out more here:
  • LA 67 T-ZED Oscillator LA 67  Thursday July 29, 10:56
    An analogue oscillator with through-zero phase modulation. The core of the T-ZED is the SSI2130 integrated circuit. Voltage controlled wave shape and phase modulation index allow for automated sonic versatility, and 2 separate frequency ranges mean the T-ZED can be used as an audio or CV source. 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Tuesday July 27, 16:16
    Among the many features unique to Filter 8 is its hold input, which can be used to 'freeze' the filter core. It'll respond not just to gate signals, but to audio sources as well. In this Patch Tuesday video, we're using this to good effect! 
  • Venus Instruments Veno-Echo Venus Instruments  Tuesday July 27, 01:31
    Taking orders for batch 2 now! 
  • Wavefonix  Monday July 26, 23:40
    We're pleased to announce that our W314 Modular Synthesizer is now available to order. Find out more here:
  • Prism Circuits  Jul 26th, 14:00
    Prism Circuits set out to create an easier way of building these vintage instruments, and to put them in the hands of the people who love to build, create, and inspire. Our goal is to make the build experience a smooth and effortless process by using quality PCB's to offer a high-end product that can stand the test of time. We love these magnificent instruments that were once dubbed the people's synthesize.  
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Contour 1 Joranalogue Audio Design  Jul 20th, 14:42
    It's our take on the classic subharmonics generator patch in today's Patch Tuesday video! A gated switch 'masks' the trigger signal during the rising stage, turning Contour 1 in a frequency divider. What's your favourite C1 patch idea? Let us know! 
  • AI Synthesis AI017 Low Pass Gate Silver/Red AI Synthesis  Jul 19th, 20:12
    The AI017 Low Pass Gate Eurorack Module can be used as a Voltage Controlled Filter, Voltage controlled Amplifier, or both. The AI017 is an updated variation of the classic Buchla 200 Series Low Pass Gate, updated with a tunable resonance circuit, and a Depth control. Vactrols are used for control voltage, allowing for classic "ringing" and "bongo" effects. 
  • Erd  Jul 19th, 17:17
    I'm delighted to announce the latest batch of twelve All the Colours of the Noise. The next batch will be available in a few months... Companion modules are in progress and the first will be released in coming months: - Spores: ourorack touch interface Heavens\: multiple interlocking shift registers TOAD: analogue computing, chaos and advanced filtering You shall shine colours here many a one! 
  • Synthfox 2CK Synthfox  Jul 17th, 09:58
    The new module, 2CK, is finally out for grabs! 2CK is an intertwined dual VC clock source capable of instant organized madness of clocking pulse trains. One of the clocks can also be an audio rate oscillator tunable to a nice 1V/Oct! ALSO, a few SLEDGEHAMMERs are back in stock, too ☆ 
  • Paratek  Jul 15th, 10:43
    New complex noise module "Saturn" added and in stock! 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Fold 6 Joranalogue Audio Design  Jul 13th, 12:21
    Today's Patch Tuesday is all about folding modulation! You know Fold 6 as a compact yet powerful audio wavefolder, but its dual-input DC-coupled signal path also makes it perfect for spicing up your LFOs. Give it a try!  
  • ph modular Model D MAIN PCB extension Black version ph modular  Jul 10th, 15:21
    AVAILABLE ! BEHRINGER extension! 
  • Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID Der Mann mit der Maschine  Jul 7th, 09:53
    Long time no see! Here is another video. This time it's featuring the quantizer that is built into the DROID. It has many similarities with the Sinfonion: 
  • Error Instruments spanky eurorack Error Instruments  Jul 7th, 09:24
    Experimental drum Synthesizer With a building and gate sequencer Touch distortion Inspired of circuit bending And pulstar-23 demo see reverb Only available at a Exclusive 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Morph 4 Joranalogue Audio Design  Jul 6th, 12:07
    Using a quad VCA as a waveshaper? Today's instalment of our Patch Tuesday video series features one of our favourite Morph 4 tricks: modulating the morph parameter at audio rates. Adjust the 12 (!) level, position and span controls to taste and you're in waveshaping heaven. 
  • ph modular Analog Bass Drum SE ph modular  Jul 5th, 16:48
    Special edition "Cellar modular" of my ABD! Thanks CM for your interest of my products ^^ 
  • Modulaire Maritime Victor Alpha 2 Modulaire Maritime  Jul 5th, 00:02
    Victor Alpha 2 now available! It's full of features: 4 channel Panning Mixer, Stereo L & R Output, Headphones Out, Bluetooth Out, Led VU Meter, 8 hp. Check out for more here on MG or on 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Jun 29th, 21:40
    Introducing Patch Tuesday—a new video series highlighting some unusual Eurorack patches! Today we're got Filter 8 processing envelopes, rather than audio, for some surprising results. What special uses do you have for your F8? Let us know here: 
  • Velectronic A-Envelope Velectronic  Jun 29th, 07:11
    Released the 3.0.5 of the firmware. Now the changes when defining a group are only applied after exit the group definition instead of during the definition itself. This way you can change your mind while defining the group without affecting the channels that came in and out during the group definition process. 
  • Total Recall  Jun 24th, 06:52
    OUT NOW! Full control: 3x CV preset manager/multistage and macro controller for Eurorack 
  • Two Of Cups  Jun 24th, 06:50
    OUT NOW! The sampler you were looking for. 
  • Lower West Side Studio  Jun 11th, 19:58
    Ever wonder what a CGS85 Serge Triple Wave Shaper does to shape waves? Check out this short video... 
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