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  • Tokyo Tape Music Center Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158 Tokyo Tape Music Center  Wednesday January 25, 05:17
    back in stock.  
  • Noise Engineering Jam Jam Noise Engineering  Tuesday January 24, 19:19
    Introducing Jam Jam and Quantus Trajecta, a gate/trigger/clock processor and a polyphonic envelope generator! Both modules ship on 1/26, and are available for preorder now.  
  • Vaemi Buffered Multiple Vaemi  Tuesday January 24, 02:00
    1 Channel 1 In - 8 Out and 2 Channel 1 In - 4 Out , 3U, DC Coupled Buffered Multiple. You can visit for more detailed information. 
  • ph modular  Monday January 23, 12:03
    Good news for our friends residing in England and Northern Ireland! The National postal service provider “La Poste” that I use has decided, despite Brexit, to integrate Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the countries of the European Union for shipments! Thus, from this day forward, shipments to these destinations are at the same price as for the European Union 🙂 Christian 
  • Reverse Landfill Noise v9 Reverse Landfill  Sunday January 22, 16:19
    Out now! Noise v9 with patchbay and oscillator range switches 
  • Synthfox SHIFT CORE GENERATOR Synthfox  Jan 21st, 15:05
    Good news, everyone! SHIFT CORE GENERATOR - our multioutput quasiquencer - is back in stock, along with the DELTA T enhanced delay and the revamped 2CK dual intertwined clock generator, now with even broader range and improved symmetry. Batches are quite limited, so come get yours now! 
  • raw yaw media dizygote raw yaw media  Jan 17th, 00:45
    Dizygote.0.0.2-beta.1.bin firmware is now live. Available at patchwerks (Seattle, WA) 
  • raw yaw media monolith raw yaw media  Jan 15th, 00:16
    Monolith.0.0.2-beta.1.bin firmware is now live. 
  • ALM Busy Circuits MEGA-TANG ALM Busy Circuits  Jan 11th, 13:17
    Announcing ALM033 - The ‘MEGA-TANG’ is a 4-channel linear VCA and stereo mixer providing per input control over level, effect send, pan and muting. Designed for live use in mind with a simple & compact layout, the ‘MEGA-TANG’ builds on the clean and transparent sounding Tangle Quartet VCA by adding a stereo mix output, effect sends, manual panning, soft mute buttons with LED indicators and an expansion port for future expandability. 
  • Klavis Tweakers Klavis  Jan 9th, 15:54
    A new must in the CV utility domain: The Klavis Tweakers, a dual channel gain/offset/polarity/mute/mixer companion for fine adjusting your modulations. It comes handy for audio purposes too. Available now ! 
  • Stoel Music Systems Dual Morphing LFO Stoel Music Systems  Jan 9th, 05:04
    Two multi-waveform voltage-controlled LFOs with cross-modulation, allowing for a wide variety of rhythmic phenomena and happy accidents. Hear it and order here: 
  • NoisyFruitsLab FM4 NoisyFruitsLab  Jan 6th, 19:02
    FM4 is a classic FM transreceiver like many of us know from ancient times. It delivers all what we love and hate around radio circuituary from the 80s with charming bandwidth, sound characteristics, noise, athmospheric limitations and interactions. 
  • CubuSynth 4VCLFO CubuSynth  Jan 4th, 23:30
    The 4VCLFO is four LFOs with triangle Outputs in 10hp. It features a knob for the Frequency of each LFO and CV inputs with attenuators. The „Aux“ input is normalized to the four CV inputs, so you can modulate all LFOs with one signal at the same time. Plugging a cable into the CV input breaks its connection from the aux input. This way you can create more interesting Modulations for your Patches. 
  • Hissing Wombat HS-112 Make it Short Hissing Wombat  Jan 4th, 08:04
    We are excited to announce the release of our latest Eurorack module - the MAKE IT SHORT - gate to trigger converter. This module is perfect for those who want to add some extra punch to their rhythms by converting gate signals into trigger signals. Each gate signal gets converted into two short trigger signals. One at the beginning of the gate signal and one at the end of the signal. And the best of it? You get two converters in one module! 
  • Vaemi Osi-Op Vaemi  Dec 18th 2022, 19:37
    Osi-Op, our first module published for the Eurorack system, is on sale. An analog voltage controlled oscillator with Thru zero FM. You can visit for more detailed information. 
  • Wavefonix 8-Step Sequencer Blue Edition Wavefonix  Dec 18th 2022, 14:51
    We're pleased to announce that our 8-Step Sequencer is now available in Red and Blue Editions. Find out more here:
  • ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's PRO Workout ALM Busy Circuits  Dec 14th 2022, 16:39
    Announcing ALM034 - ‘Pamela’s PRO Workout’ New classes have started! The next evolution of Pam, our beloved compact programmable clocked modulation source is here. Over the last 10 years Pamela’s Workout has cemented its place in Eurorack systems as a must have unique module. With ‘Pamela’s PRO Workout‘ we’ve built on the original designs maintaining the functional form factor and intuitive workflow adding lots of exciting new features. 
  • ph modular Signal switch 2 ph modular  Dec 9th 2022, 20:26
    A silent "MUTEs" module in your system? Look no further, it's here! 
  • Reverse Landfill 3T-OUTPUT X Reverse Landfill  Dec 9th 2022, 12:50
    the 3trinsRGB-1c output expander, out now! 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Step 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Dec 8th 2022, 21:43
    We are ending 2022 on a high note: highly anticipated for well over a year, we're very excited to finally release Step 8 into the world, fresh from our Belgian production line. Is it a sequencer? A sequential switch? An analogue shift register? A waveshaper maybe? The answer may be surprising… More details here: 
  • NoisyFruitsLab 4CHANc2 NoisyFruitsLab  Dec 8th 2022, 18:03
    4CHAN C2 is a shrinked version of 10CHANultmt It still looks and feels like a mixer, but it´s NOT mixing signals! It´s a 4 channel faderbank that acts as attenuator or voltage source with clickless mutes. Packed with 45mm LED faders that either indicate voltage or the signal you´re feeding. The voltage range of a fader pair can be defined on the backside via jumpers. (5V & 9V) It´s made for audio and cv signals 😉 
  • Sovage Engineering TEINTE Sovage Engineering  Dec 7th 2022, 19:14
    The infamous TEINTE is now available! Alongside 4 new modules : PARESSEUX FONTE COPIE MÊLÉE 
  • NANO Modules SERRA NANO Modules  Dec 5th 2022, 14:02
    Introducing SERRA ⛰ the Swiss Army Knife of Envelope modules. Generate, tweak and modulate shapes until they fit your taste with its built-in Attenuverter & Offset controls. 🐎 Curves as fast as 1 millisecond and as slow as 40 seconds 🐌 More info here: 
  • Olivia Artz Modular Uncertainty Olivia Artz Modular  Dec 4th 2022, 16:32
    Introducing: Uncertainty, the first module from Olivia Artz Modular. It's the easiest and tiniest way to add some maybe to your patch. Uncertainty has 1 input and 8 outputs. When you send a gate or trigger in, each out has a different probability of output. With a positive voltage in, you get the heads result of 8 differently weighted coin flips. A negative voltage will give both the heads & tails results from 4 differently weighted coin flips. 
  • Malstrom Mandrake Malstrom  Dec 3rd 2022, 17:10
    New release: Kick Drum Synthesizer. Inspired by physical modeling, DAW drum synthesis and mixing techniques. Mandrake brings different elements together to generate kick drum sounds for House, Techno and Dance music. With useful ranges and shaping possibilities to get into detailed sound sculpting. 
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