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  • Paratek  Tuesday May 24, 16:55
    Hey guys! F*cking paypal blocked me for a life long for my nationality, but i now have possibility to take direct payments for my Kazakhstan mastercard, via Vise or Swift, so i finally taking orders again! Huge wayting for your support! :) 
  • YYS  Sunday May 22, 18:38
    YYS are in-stock and available for order now! 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Delay 1 Joranalogue Audio Design  May 11th, 12:28
    SUPERBOOTH22 announcement: presenting Delay 1, our new Split-Phase Bucket Brigade Delay Line! By re-engineering the classic analogue delay line, Delay 1 brings the unique magic of BBDs into the contemporary electronic musician’s arsenal. Don't forget to drop by our booth in the tent village (Z430) and try it out for yourself! 
  • Qu-Bit Electronix Aurora Qu-Bit Electronix  May 10th, 16:22
    Qu-Bit Aurora, a spectral reverb, is shipping this month! Discover more: 
  • Ritual Electronics Crime Ritual Electronics  May 9th, 15:08
    Crime II is now available for pre-order. We are waiting for one last component to show up in July. The module is expected to ship right after summer! 
  • Bvr-Instruments TS1 Eurorack Trigger Sequencer BK Bvr-Instruments  May 9th, 12:08
    You are cordially invited to test the latest evolutions of the TS1 BK firmware at Stand Z330 SuperBooth in Fez-Berlin on May 12, 13 and 14, 2022. Latest News: New firmware. a) New musical modes composed of 9 modes : 306 scales available. b) “X-Factor” mode: Adds probabilities to perform a step trigger or playing a note. c) Extended control with EXT1 input: Sequencer step advancement controlled with Ext1. 
  • Knobula  May 7th, 09:04
    Introducing Kickain from Knobula. A unique combination of a 909 style kick drum with a stereo side chain compressor and stereo reverb built in. This module will revolutionise your side chain workflow and put the energy back into your beats. 
  • Electrosmith patch.Init() ( black panel)  May 6th, 16:56
    Custom replacement panels for ElectroSmith patch.Init() panels are now available: 
  • Teia vcA Team Teia  May 4th, 16:28
    Need a Velocity sensitive VCA on your patchs? The vcA Team is a dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier conceived with dynamic expression control in mind. With Velocity control on both VCA channels, vcA Team expands the creative use of amplitude variations on your patch, bringing not only control over the contour but also over the loudness of your sound. 
  • Synthfox SLEDGEHAMMER Synthfox  May 3rd, 16:54
    Restocks! The SLEDGEHAMMER timbre and dynamics processor is back in stock, and so are DELTA T, KON and DIGENERATOR. Check out the SYNTHFOX reverb shop for more info! As with the few previous restocks, part of proceeds gets donated to Ukrainian Center of Culture in Tallinn for humanitarian needs, or directly to Tallinn's refugee shelters as food and supplies. 
  • Error Instruments IMAGINARY FRIEND eurorack Error Instruments  May 3rd, 14:27
    imaginary Friend is an experimental full modular synthesizer. It cab be rhythmic and droning aggressive or minimalistic and everything in between! 9-5-2022. 
  • Paratek  May 1st, 11:49
    COMRADES! I'm back and i`m taking orders! I hope the new account will last long enough. Due to the cancellation of flights from Russia, mail is sent by land, and therefore it is more expensive and much longer! If you are not ready to wait, do not place an order please! Orders will be sent with a delay, no more than 14 days. My new paypal and that's it, nothing else! Stay safe! 
  • Norand Morphos Norand  Apr 12th, 08:09
    The Norand Morphos is now available ! A 28HP dual analog morphing oscillator, feeaturing on-module modulator and ping envelope, morphing strips, presets, and ultra-stable TZFM. 
  • AI Synthesis AI022 Harmonic Mixer Black AI Synthesis  Apr 11th, 18:33
    The Ai022 Harmonic Mixer is now available! The AI022 Harmonic CP3 Style Mixer teaches old waveforms new tricks. As gain increases, harmonics, warmth, and distortion are added. 
  • ph modular MIXER 2HP ph modular  Apr 9th, 11:58
    **NEW! Available!** miniMIX, one mixer 3 INs to 1 OUT on 2HP ! 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8 Joranalogue Audio Design  Apr 7th, 20:58
    NEW: Joranalogue Eurorack T-shirts by Ukrainian painter CrazyOilArts! These are reproductions of paintings originally commissioned for the Joranalogue lab. All proceeds will go to support Nicola and his family. Additionally, until the end of April, we'll match all purchases in donations to the Flemish Red Cross. 
  • DRIP  Apr 4th, 18:46
    DRIP, a stereo multi-mode filter (dual-channel implementation of Mutable Ripples v1), is now shipping: 
  • Prism Circuits Spring Reverb Prism Circuits  Apr 3rd, 08:04
    The Serge Modular Spring Reverb has been released and is up for sale in DIY. 
  • Lower West Side Studio  Mar 31st, 07:35
    It's the last day of our March Madness Sale but there is still time to save. All modules are 10% off PLUS you could win a chance to win a CGS01 Sub Oscillator / Harmonic Sequencer or BMC030 Instrument Interface. Save up to 20% with a cart discount. Visit for more information. 
  • BearModules STEREO MATRIX BearModules  Mar 30th, 16:11
    A new matrix mixer.. but wait IS THAT STEREO..?!?  
  • Mystic Circuits  Mar 28th, 21:58
    We now have a limited edition batch of black panels for both Tree and Leaves. Get them while they last! 
  • North Coast Synthesis MSK 014 Gracious Host North Coast Synthesis  Mar 27th, 20:05
    North Coast's USB-MIDI interface is now available. Host for MIDI keyboards and other controllers; interfaces PC (typing) keyboards and mice to Eurorack CV; mono and polyphonic modes, arpeggiation, and quantization; fully open and documented modifiable firmware. 
  • Bvr-Instruments  Mar 21st, 16:08
    The Ts1 trigger sequencer with midi and Cv/Gates is available for purchase. It includes the latest firmware developments and presets to start drums, sequences and chord patterns. Learn more and buy here: 
  • Hissing Wombat HS-111 Dystopia Distortion Hissing Wombat  Mar 21st, 14:23
    Meet the most recent addition to the Hissing Wombat family: The HS-111 Dystopia Distortion! Use this Eurorack module to distort sound and create extremely cool effects. Usable for soft and hard clipping. Get the Dystopia Distortion in our online shop.  
  • IO Instruments Kalyke IO Instruments  Mar 18th, 14:15
    Kalyke - dual function generator now shipping! Introduced at Superbooth 2021. Now shipping with updated feature set. - (one, multiple shot(s) + loop) LFO with morphable waveform, -5 Vto 5V or 0 - 10V voltages, Sample and Hold, mix ADSR signal on top of LFO waveform - (looping) ADSR, attack ratchets, continuous curve control (exponential -> linear) Many features controllable via CV inputs. Check the details here on modulargrid. 
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