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  • ph modular Analog Bass Drum black panel ph modular  Yesterday, 11:56
    New review by Emmanuel (in modular with love) available ! 
  • Majella Audio VVCA: Velocity VCA Majella Audio  Tuesday March 31, 10:29
    We made a new short demo for the VVCA velocity VCA :) 
  • 1979 Digital Stereo Delay (DSD) 1979  Tuesday March 31, 06:54
    Digital Stereo Delay (DSD) preorders are open, ETA is May 2019. 
  • ph modular  Mar 20th, 18:00
    CORONAVIRUS In view of current events, I have chosen to suspend shipments inside and outside Europe. Pre orders are always possible, payment will be made before dispatch, when the situation will have returned to normal for delivery companies. Take care of yourself. Christian 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Generate 3 Joranalogue Audio Design  Mar 18th, 16:21
    Here's something for all of you in lockdown, practising social distancing, or just playing with your modular synths in the dark as usual: check out the latest episode of the Podular Modcast, a podcast dedicated to modular synthesis, to hear more about the Joranalogue Audio Design story and philosophy: 
  • ph modular Multiple dual channels with leds 1U (intellijel format) ph modular  Mar 16th, 06:19
    New product! Passive switched multiple with LED indicator on 1U Intellijel format! 
  • Lower West Side Studio CGS01 Sub Oscillator / Harmonic Sequencer Lower West Side Studio  Mar 5th, 09:26
    Lower West Side Studio is proud to announce the release of its new CGS01 Sub Oscillator / Harmonic Sequencer. Our new PCB design reduces the modules depth to a mere 32mm making it the perfect addition of portable rigs or cabinets with limited depth. Shrinking the size didn't shrink the sound as this module will add thick, rich bass to your patches. Listen with a subwoofer and you'll hear (and feel) it for yourself! 
  • Paratek  Mar 3rd, 22:29
    Good news everyone! From this day all TAKTOMERs can generate clock! Of course it’s just an additional feature and it’s not quite accurate, but maybe it’s even interesting? Units generate 5v 1ppqn trigger/clock signal in 30-250 bpm range. New firmware will be available in a few days for all owners, but if you have 2c or 2д 6hp versions You’ll need a usbasp and a little bit of soldering.  
  • Jolin Lab TABØR - orb black panel Jolin Lab  Feb 29th, 06:19
    TABØR First Demo Videos Tabør walk-trough: part one - Raw Waves Tabør walk-trough: part two - Rhythm It more info and pre-orders at and on our IG @jolinlab 
  • eurorack essentials MULTIPLE eurorack essentials  Feb 23rd, 18:01
    eurorack essentials MULTIPLE DIY assembling video OUT NOW :) A little stop motion video with some music. It's a passive, switched multiple with 4x4 / 8x2 outputs. ENJOY 
  • eurorack essentials  Feb 16th, 21:20
    eurorack essentials SUPERBOOTH20 GESPRÄCHSKONZERT, Saturday 25.04.2020 - 5:40pm at AUDITORIUM, FEZ BERLIN. More information coming soon! ENJOY  
  • ReBach CATCH VCF-AB DIY ReBach  Feb 14th, 20:52
    The popular VCF-AB low-pass filter is now available as a DIY project at THONK! 
  • Lower West Side Studio Barton BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF Lower West Side Studio  Feb 11th, 22:03
    An updated version of Barton Musical Circuit's BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF has been released in MU format by Lower West Side studio. This update includes normalizing Input # 2 to Input # 1 allowing a single input cable to provide six simultaneous outputs. Also included are THRU ports for both the Control Voltage and Clock Inputs. 
  • LPZW.modules TRAM8 3U LPZW.modules  Feb 5th, 19:56
    LPZW.modues TRAM8 now available for the same price as the 1U version! Also: new firmware out with an important bugfix for some MIDI sources!  
  • Robaux 3PT Robaux  Feb 2nd, 13:03
    A new Module is ready! It's called Tripot. See what it can do in your Eurorack. 
  • Majella Audio MCVC: 4 Voice MIDI CV Converter Majella Audio  Jan 29th, 12:29
    We made a short DIY video for the MCVC MIDI to CV converter (Available as kit at Majella Audio & Thonk). In the video, we are showing the build step by step: 
  • eurorack essentials flip-sides active eurorack essentials  Jan 28th, 16:37
    eurorack essentials flip-sides active demo video - Part 1 - is out NOW! Youtube: ENJOY 
  • Klavis Mixwitch Klavis  Jan 27th, 17:58
    The updated manual presents 18 applications. NEW: Digital inverter, Voltage window comparator, Drum selector, Random clocking – Chance generator, Two-input AND / NAND gate, Two-input XOR gate – Digital ring-modulator, Saw to PWM with CV control, Hard clipping; Besides: CV mixer, Audio mixer, Four step sequencer/randomizer, Sub-octaves generator, Granular synthesis, Multiple-segment waveshaper, Phase-controlled wave-stitcher, VC transposer 
  • Majella Audio MLEG: Envelope / LFO Majella Audio  Jan 27th, 14:10
    NEW from Majella Audio: MLEG an analog snappy envelope generator with (AD) looping/LFO mode and polarizer on the output, all on 6HP!  
  • Majella Audio MVCF-I: 12dB/oct VCF Majella Audio  Jan 27th, 14:08
    NEW from Majella Audio: MVCF-I a unique sounding 12dB/oct lowpass/hi-pass VCF. Voltage controlled resonance and cutoff, Input gain control, Self-oscillating all on 6HP!  
  • ReBach CATCH VCF-AB ReBach  Jan 21st, 16:31
    The CATCH VCF-AB and VCO-AB in the UK available from stock at Blickensynths!  
  • eurorack essentials flip-sides active eurorack essentials  Jan 20th, 15:48
    Little flip-sides active demo video + UNBOXING flip-sides active at Schneidersladen Showroom Flips and mutes also at audio-range ;) YOUTUBE DEMO VIDEO IS IN PRODUCTION... ENJOY 
  • eurorack essentials  Jan 17th, 14:29
    eurorack essentials first batch of active modules arrived at Schneidersladen :) flips-sides active and 2Xflip-sides active are ready for patching at Schneidersladen Showroom! ENJOY 
  • Erd BREATH Erd  Jan 15th, 10:33
    I am happy to release the new ERD/BREATH module designed for the precise voltage control (CV) of heat and thus smoke production within a modular, eurorack setting. ERD/BREATH is released in a first batch of 20 units, within an edition of 50. All the Colours of the Noise will be released in March 2020. 
  • 2hp  Jan 14th, 23:41
    Introducing the 2hp Lunchbox! As well as 3 new modules: Loop, Pitch & Comp. Check it out here! 
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