A custom Noise Swash pedal built by 4MS Pedals

Swash: sweetspot heart of the noise circuit
Noisegait: music-noise flow control
Volume: plenty of it!
Tone: Bass/treble mix
Pregain: first stage gain
Postgain: third stage gain
Preclip: diode clipping select
Plus lots more control.

Also, this:
breath-e the spectral noise layers of saturated soothingly blazing cymbals of pourring rushingwhiteness and sonics
with guitar or audiosonics creating devise the musician produces atethered spectrums of sheering whiteness... beyond thee traditionalle distortion|fuzz boxes
noise swash distortion plethorizes the gainationing of the sounnd to naturallieshatterr glasse and rumble the lands....

Or something

  • 188 mm wide
  • 188 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is discontinued.

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