80 mm wide
135 mm high
Current Draw
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is discontinued.

MF Delay (Classic)

The MF Delay is a 100% analog delay

The MF Delay is a 100% analog delay providing 35mS-700mS of rich, blooming analog repeats. At shorter settings, the MF Delay is fast and articulate. This is perfect for creating classic slap-back sounds with expressive swells, and even plate-verbs. At medium and long settings, the repeats become darker, naturally trailing into a beautiful warmth and character not found in any other delay pedal. Connect an expression pedal and dynamically control feedback swells, or switch to delay time to create chorus/flange and tape delay effects. The MF Delay was designed with over 300 carefully selected components including 4 Bucket Brigade Delay chips, a discrete JFET input stage, and a vintage compander circuit for superior tone and feel.


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