NCH-1 Monterey Vibe



Recreate classic uni-vibe style effects in 60's, can be used as chorus, rotary speaker or phaser pedal.
By using a powerful 32bit float point DSP, we modernized the complex physical phenomena of 4-stage phaser based on a pulsating bulb surrounded by 4 photoresists.
Ultra low noise, high performance 96kHz/ 24bit A/D and D/A converters; 100dB typical dynamic range.
120% (+3dB) boost level when your crank up the volume knob.
Supports buffer bypass or true bypass selection to get the best performance; with micro USB port for firmware upgrade.
  • 51 mm wide
  • 94 mm high
? mA / 9 V DC / Negative Center

This Pedal is currently available.

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