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Submitted Modules

Bluetooth Page Turner HP UtilityControllerSwitch View
CP 17 Delay HP Delay View
GA Custom HP Tuner View
CabDryVR HP Modeling/SimulationDual/Stereo View
DI400P HP Utility View
Behringer Micromon MA400 HP Utility View
Caline CP-20 Crazy Cacti Overdrive HP PreAmpDistortion View
125B Enclosure HP View
R-05 Maximum Mosfet Overdrive HP PreAmpDistortion View
JF-06 Vintage Phase HP Phase Shifter View
JDI-01 HP Utility View
JF-08 Digital Delay HP DelayDigital View
JF-34 US Dream HP Distortion View
Space Verb Digital Reverb HP Reverb View
Skysurfer Reverb HP Reverb View
Exp-2 HP UtilityVolume View
Korg Pitchblack Custom HP Tuner View
Pressure Tank Compressor HP Dynamics View
Caline CP-38 Lucky 7 Modulation HP ChorusPitch Shifter Tremolo View
Snake Bite Reverb HP Reverb View
Boss FV-30H HP Volume View
Sinvertek Fluid Time MKII HP Delay View
Ensemble Queen Bass Chorus HP BassChorus View
Mooer Preamp Live HP Modeling/Simulation View
Micro Preamp 006 US Classic Deluxe HP Modeling/Simulation View
CKK Gears HP Dynamics View
Aguilar Octamizer HP BassSynth VoicePitch Shifter View
Tomsline Bluesy HP PreAmpDistortion View
MojoMojo Overdrive HP BassDistortion View
Hotone Liftup Boost HP PreAmp View
3 Way Junction Box HP Utility View
American Sound Amp Sim HP PreAmpModeling/Simulation View
Pumpernickel Compressor HP BassDynamics View
PXL-Live HP LooperUtility View
Gojira FX Tubescreamer HP PreAmp View
Vox V860 Volume Pedal HP Volume View
Ernie Ball Tap Tempo HP Utility View
Pepers' Pedals Rad HP Distortion View
Dr. J Sparrow Driver & DI HP BassPreAmpUtility View
Hellbabe Wah HP BassWah View
Valeton Surge EP-1 HP VolumeWah View
Pepers' Pedals Russian Doom Machine HP PreAmpDistortion View
Chromatic Tuner HP TunerUtility View
Ckk Space Station Pro HP DelayDigitalReverb View
CKK Water Drop HP Chorus View
CKK Robot Φ HP Phase Shifter View
1/4" Right Angle Flat Metal Plug Facing Right HP View
Mooer Tender Octaver MKII HP Pitch Shifter View
Rockboard Natural Sound Buffer HP UtilityVolume View
Mosky Tube screamer TS9 Mini Overdrive HP PreAmpDistortion View
1/4" Right Angle Round Barrel Metal Plug Facing Right HP View
Caline Hot Spice Wah Volume Pedal HP UtilityVolumeWah View
Fuzz Dog P45 Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
Movall Van Golem HP Phase Shifter View
Andoer XP Booster HP PreAmp View
Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive HP PreAmp View
Mosky Spring Reverb HP BassReverb View
Pyle Headphone Amp HP Utility View
McPherson Micro Boost HP PreAmp View
JF-322 Wow Wah HP BassWah View
Doctor Q HP BassWah View
CH-3 Chorus HP BassChorus View
V-Tone Bass Driver DI BDI21 HP BassUtility View
FCP2 Mini Compressor HP Dynamics View
OC-10 Octave HP Pitch Shifter View
Beta Aivin BEQ1 Equalizer Pedal HP Equalizer View
Analog Chorus HP Chorus View
Fuzz Dog Big Beefy Preamp HP BassPreAmp View
Fuzz Dog Brassmaster Kit HP PreAmpDistortion View

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