McPherson Micro Boost

The McPherson Micro Boost™ is an ultra compact, Class A clean booster.

Built in a point to point style using the same quality through hole components as our other McPherson effect pedals, these ultra small boosters sound exceptional and are built tough.

A great clean booster can add another dimension to your tone and our Micro Boost™ has all the additional punch, clarity and warmth in spades.

Push your amp into saturated oblivion or juice the front end just a little for a nice bluesy drive.
If you amp has enough head room the Micro Boost™ makes a great crystal clean boost.

Some customer feedback……..

It's tiny, it's quiet and it packs a punch!…… it does an incredible job of adding "life" to my signal in any situation…… bringing warmth, roundness and sparkle to neck humbuckers………….I couldn't turn it off! It added much more than just volume - almost like a studio compression/sonic enhancement.
Never thought a simple boost could do so much for tone.

  • 64 mm wide
  • 68 mm high
? mA / ? V AC/DC

This Pedal is currently available.

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