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Submitted Modules

Iridium HP Modeling/SimulationDual/Stereo View
Fuzz Factory 7 UnderViolet HP Distortion View
Chromatron HP BassFilterSynth Voice View
GT-1000 CORE HP MIDIMultieffectTuner View
Subway-Plus DI HP BassPreAmpModeling/Simulation View
Subway DI HP BassPreAmpEqualizerModeling/SimulationUtility View
OC-5 HP BassPitch Shifter View
Plasma Coil HP Distortion View
sonic spark HP BassPreAmp View
Scuzz Box HP Distortion View
Fjord Fuzz Embla HP Distortion View
Coriolis Effect HP DelayDigital GlitchDistortionExpressionFilterPitch Shifter View
D-SEED II HP DelayDual/StereoLooper View
EQ-V HP Equalizer View
Marshmallow HP MIDIPitch Shifter View
Golden Boy HP PreAmpDistortionMIDI View
True spring HP ReverbTremoloDual/Stereo View
VE-500 Vocal Performer HP DelayDigitalModeling/SimulationMultieffectReverbSynth VoiceDual/Stereo View
C4 Synth HP FilterMIDIPitch Shifter Synth VoiceDual/Stereo View
RC-10R HP DrumLooperMIDIDual/Stereo View
Context V2 HP Digital GlitchMIDIReverbDual/Stereo View
Russian Fuzz Factory 7 HP Distortion View
Element HP Modeling/SimulationUtility View
Dusk HP FilterMIDI View
Iron Ether FMeron HP BassSynth Voice View
Iron Ether Dubterranea HP FilterPitch Shifter Synth Voice View
Red Muck Bass HP BassDistortion View
Collider HP DelayDual/StereoReverb View
Sonicake Boom Ave. HP BassPreAmpDynamicsDistortionEqualizerModeling/SimulationMultieffectUtility View
Dapper Bass Effect Strip HP BassPreAmpChorusDynamicsFilterModeling/SimulationPitch Shifter Tuner View
Custom Line Bass Preamp HP BassPreAmpDynamicsEqualizerModeling/SimulationUtility View
MXR Clone Looper HP Looper View
Pike Vulcan XL HP BassPreAmpDistortionEqualizer View
SY-1000 HP MultieffectSynth Voice View
Anasounds La Brute HP Reverb View
Southampton Pedals Fifth Gear Overdrive HP Distortion View
Fuzzrocious Baby Furnace HP Distortion View
Conspiracy Theory HP PreAmpDistortion View
Synesthesia HP ChorusFilterFlangerMultieffectPhase ShifterRing ModulatorTremoloRotary View
Iron Ether - Nimbus HP BassReverb View
Iron Ether Polytope HP Chorus View
Tonebone Headbone SS HP SwitchUtility View
SY-1 (DUPLICATE) HP Synth Voice View
Remote 4 HP ControllerDigital GlitchLooperSwitchUtility View
Blooper HP Digital GlitchLooperSampling View
Dual Expression Pedal HP Expression View
Fathom limited edition HP Reverb View
Drumport StompTech Stomp Kick Basic HP Drum View
Superball HP ChorusDigitalFilter View
Monument V2 limited edition HP Tremolo View
ARP-87 limited edition HP Delay View
Julia V2 limited edition HP Chorus View
SLO limited edition HP Reverb View
Fredric Effects Bugcrusher HP Digital GlitchDistortion View
Sunday Driver sw HP PreAmp View
Sunday Driver II sw HP PreAmp View
Aguilar DB 925 HP BassPreAmp View
MAW XLR PEDAL HP MultieffectSynth Voice View
Kalimba HP Utility View
PG-14 HP Distortion View
DDR HP DelayDistortion View
Solid Studio HP Modeling/SimulationUtility View
X7 Ultra HP BassDynamicsDistortion View
Bergantino bluetooth footswitch HP BassUtility View
NBP-5 HP BassPreAmpModeling/Simulation View
Sky5000 HP DelayMIDIReverb View
DSM-Noisemaker Drivemaker HP BassDistortion View
PSA 2.0 HP BassPreAmpDistortionModeling/Simulation View
Durple HP Distortion View
Wild Fro HP Distortion View
OmniCabSim mini HP BassDistortionModeling/SimulationUtility View
DSM-Noisemaker Sub-Atomic HP BassDistortion View
Cosmonaut V2 HP DelayReverb View
DP-3X HP BassPreAmpDynamicsDistortionModeling/SimulationUtility View
Mood HP Digital GlitchLooperSampling View
Radical Delay DX HP DelayDigitalDigital GlitchMIDIPitch Shifter View
Grazer HP Digital GlitchPitch Shifter Sampling View
Hax2 HP FilterRing Modulator View
Generation Loss HP ChorusDigitalDigital GlitchFilter View
EF115 super disruptor HP BassDistortionPitch Shifter View
Blues HP Distortion View
Steve Harris flyrig HP BassPreAmpDistortionModeling/SimulationTuner View
Fuzzrocious Cat King HP Distortion View
Sansamp Bass Driver Deluxe HP Bass View
MC6 MKII HP MIDIControllerUtility View
EP-1 HP Expression View
EP25-Pro Aero GC HP ExpressionVolume View
Mandragora HP Distortion View
Dry Martini HP Distortion View
OVNI-FX Smoothie HP BassDynamics View
Glou-Glou Moutarde HP DistortionFilterPitch Shifter Ring ModulatorSynth Voice View
MultiDrive Studio HP BassDistortion View
Aguilar Grape Phaser HP BassPhase Shifter View
Moment Machine HP DigitalDigital GlitchMIDIMultieffectPitch Shifter SamplingSynth Voice View
Amptweaker Bass TightMetal Jr. HP BassDistortion View
Iron Ether FrantaBit HP BassDigital GlitchDistortion View
Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe HP BassFilter View
Iron Ether Divaricator HP ControllerDistortionMultieffectPitch Shifter ReverbUtility View
Bass Box HP BassDistortion View
HieroEffects B.E.A.D HP BassDistortion View
Everest HP DelayDigitalReverb View
Prism-9 HP DistortionFilterMultieffectPitch Shifter ReverbSynth Voice View
flex pro HP Digital GlitchDistortionFilterPitch Shifter Ring ModulatorSynth Voice View
Proverb XS HP Reverb View
solidgold fx apollo 2 HP Phase Shifter View
Shure GLXD16 HP TunerUtility View
FEA lab DB-CL HP Dynamics View
Hooligan HP Distortion View
Phaser HP Phase ShifterTremoloWah View
Terminal HP BassDistortion View
Microtubes X HP BassDynamicsDistortion View
Fuxx fuzz HP DistortionPitch Shifter View
Grey faze HP Distortion View
Leeds HP BassPreAmpModeling/Simulation View
colour theory HP DigitalDigital GlitchFilterMultieffectPitch Shifter Synth Voice View
MIDI I/O HP MIDIUtility View
soundblox 2 multiwave distortion HP BassDigitalDistortionFilterSynth Voice View
x7 HP BassDynamicsDistortion View

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