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Sloppy Quality Control at the Fear FactoryEurorack
Vocal ChordsEurorack
EMP YourselfEurorack
Fourth Modulargrid DependencyEurorack
Night TimesEurorack
Life Of CrimeEurorack
Solar Flare SummonerEurorack
Macky NozzEurorack
Beating OnEurorack
Successful Foothold in SpaceEurorack
Moustache Room500 Series
The Bearded Roon500 Series
Mystery TurnAE Modular
Help Out Bruce in MordorEurorack
Bruce in MordorPedals
Face like a sack o' pataters, legs like a pair of salmonEurorack
Not Enough Options in mordorPedals
Steamed HermsEurorack
My No Pedals PedalboardPedals
Why Eat(s) When You Can Beat(s) but completely ignore budgetPedals
Why Eat(s) When You Can Beat(s)Pedals
It's Not RealEurorack
Your Two Front TeethPedals
Shake Hands with Quantum EntanglementEurorack
Riddem PowaPedals
Your Best Friends Zoizy and PullaPedals
Shaun KemperPedals
Green Bin of filthPedals
Grum and Maize Elektron BoiPedals
Grum and MaizePedals
The Ritz YumPedals
Dream Yourself SaucelessPedals
Plugin Alliance500 Series
Animal TownPedals
Daryl SomersPedals
Stop Smoking Start PokingPedals
Windmill BirdsPedals
Make Your Drum Into A Bum but goodPedals
Make Your Drum Into A BumPedals
Syntakt and ChillPedals
Live Bleeps, Bloops and BlangersPedals
Palette Til You Smell ItEurorack
Addicted to Wishing WellsEurorack
Pod Yourself SensibleEurorack
Utility Belt that you cant wear it wont help your pantsEurorack
Frap Yourself SenselessEurorack
Cower at the One Hour Tower of Power in the ShowerEurorack
Second Modular Grid DependencyEurorack
Undulating ProgressEurorack
Little Beat Masher JuniorEurorack
Compensation Station For CompositionEurorack
Beat TinEurorack
Tiny TargetEurorack
Performer in a caketinEurorack
Moose SaddleEurorack
Big White CacophonyEurorack
Expensive BeatsEurorack
Bankful Of BeatsEurorack
ModularGrid DependencyEurorack
Blast BeatsEurorack
pubes in the mixEurorack
hairy chopEurorack
Googly Flipper Wrong'unEurorack
Let's Leibniz Subsystem til we Drubsystem (white panels for hiding at day)Eurorack
Get A Bachelor In Noise EngineeringEurorack
The Future But It's Now Instead and Now = 1988Eurorack
Let's make a racket til we cracketEurorack
Let's Leibniz Subsystem til we Drubsystem (black panels for hiding at night)Eurorack
Polygogo, go go, polygogo, go, polygogo, go go, polygogo, goEurorack
Build Your Own Really Expensive KeystepEurorack
A Huge Feast500 Series
1u audio mixer madness because why not live your dreamsEurorack
Huge Box of lunch500 Series

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