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Beautiful Pieces of Outdated Technology CGS / Serge Programmer


CGS Programmer / Sequencer

Product Details
This is my take on the CGS / Serge Programmer sequencer, designed as a standalone unit for use with either banana jack or 3.5mm jack based modular synthesizer systems. Serge's Programmer is highly revered as a flexible sequencer or preset recall system, and this version is based upon Ken Stone's well documented layout and revision of the original design. I have sought out and acquired permission from Serge, Ken Stone and Ryk The Kreator for this project, and I'm truly grateful to have their blessing!

The Programmer itself features 4 rows of 16 steps. Step count can be limited by either patching step address outputs (first row of jacks) into step address inputs (second row of jacks), or by using the Skip function of the step behaviour toggle switches. Rows can be multiplexed externally for step counts up to 64. The steps can be clocked through either forward or backward, and these can be patched simultaneously to different clock sources to create interesting rhythmic patterns. Each step features a push-button which will immediately send the Programmer to that step, and two step behaviour toggle switches. The behaviour can be set independently for both forward and backward clocking, and allows for normal clocking per step, stop clocking before the step and for steps to be skipped. This means, for example, that a 4 step sequence could be set-up for forward clocking, and a completely different 8 step sequence could be enabled for backward clocking. The Programmer also features pulse outputs for the push-buttons, and for the switchable trigger row adjacent to the step address outputs.

The Programmer is available in various stages of completed build. You can purchase either the bare PCBs and front panel, the PCBs with all surface mount components soldered (front panel included) or a fully assembled and tested unit. The circuit board itself is a design I have made from Ken Stone's circuit diagrams, with some small modifications and additions myself. All passive components are in the 0603 footprint, the transistors used are SOT-23 parts and there are three SOIC op-amp packages. My surface mount assembly is carried out using a pick-and-place machine and soldered using a reflow oven, but the layout also allows for careful hand soldering.


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