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Currently there are no offers on the Marketplace for Serge modules. You can offer a module by browsing to the detail page of a module you like to sell.

News from the Labs

  • Moon Modular  Sunday February 26, 13:22
    Works on our "517S Voltage Controlled High Pass/Low Pass Filter" is progressing well. The 1st prototypes have arrived at the Lunar HQ recently. 
  • Steady State Fate Modbox Steady State Fate  Feb 6th, 16:42
    Newest addition to the SSF/WMD collaboration series, MODBOX is a compact 6hp dual LFO and S&H with noise. Many useful features packed into this design - check it out! 
  • Seismic Industries  IPS – Interruptible Power Supply Seismic Industries  Jan 27th, 10:01
    IPS kits in stock in my webshop now. Orders can be placed now. but will be shipped from the 6. february 2017. Get yourself a fancy powersupply that lets behave your modules different. over and out :)  
  • Qu-Bit Electronix Contour Qu-Bit Electronix  Jan 19th, 18:14
    In stock. Now shipping! 
  • Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Rimshot Hexinverter Électronique  Jan 19th, 17:40
    NAMM2017 is upon us, so here's the newest member of the Mutant Drum family - the Rimshot! 
  • Radikal Technologies   Jan 7th, 04:15
    We added a new module to our module listing - the RT-1701 "EFFEXX" Multi Effect Module. 
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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Animal Ø 5.00 (5)
  2. Creature Ø 5.00 (3)
  3. Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer Ø 5.00 (2)
  4. Dual Oscillator Ø 5.00 (2)
  5. Obelisk Ø 5.00 (2)
  6. Quad Slope Ø 5.00 (2)
  7. Custom Soup Kitchen Ø 4.50 (2)
  8. ASR Quan Ø 4.00 (2)

Modules have to be rated at least 2 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.30 is considered to be above average.

Popular Modules in racks

  1. Obelisk in 300 Racks
  2. Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer in 141 Racks
  3. Precision Oscillator in 136 Racks
  4. Animal in 129 Racks
  5. SERGE DUSG & CV-PRO in 119 Racks
  6. DSG in 96 Racks
  7. Creature in 94 Racks
  8. 2vca in 93 Racks
  9. Soup Kitchen 1 in 92 Racks
  10. Sequencer Panel in 82 Racks
  11. Serge VCFS + VCFQ in 80 Racks
  12. Wave Multiplier in 80 Racks
  13. CV-2 or Blue Control in 79 Racks
  15. Blue Voice in 73 Racks
  16. vcfq in 69 Racks
  17. mclass right edge in 65 Racks
  18. Resonant EQ in 62 Racks
  19. Extended ADSR in 61 Racks
  20. BOG in 61 Racks
  21. NTO in 60 Racks
  22. SWAMP in 59 Racks
  23. Audio Interface in 58 Racks
  24. Animate in 56 Racks
  25. SSG in 56 Racks

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