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The Serge Modular Music System was originally developed by Serge Tcherepnin in the 1970s.

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There are 423 Serge modules to choose from. Users build 1668 Racks in this universe.

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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Serge Animal Ø 5.00 (5)
  2. Random*Source Serge WaveMultipliers & Res EQ Ø 5.00 (2)
  3. Serge Touch Keyboard / Sequencer Ø 5.00 (2)
  4. Random*Source Serge VCFS + VCFQ Ø 5.00 (2)
  5. Serge Creature Ø 5.00 (2)
  6. Serge STS Serge Custom Panel Ø 5.00 (2)
  7. Random*Source SERGE DSG mk2 & CV-PRO Ø 5.00 (2)
  8. Serge Custom Soup Kitchen Ø 4.50 (2)
  9. Serge ASR Quan Ø 4.00 (2)

Modules have to be rated at least 2 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.32 is considered to be above average.

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Popular Modules in racks

  1. Serge Obelisk in 395 Racks
  2. Random*Source New Timbral Oscillator (NTO) in 225 Racks
  3. Random*Source Wave Multipliers + Resonant EQ in 212 Racks
  4. Random*Source SERGE DSG mk2 & CV-PRO in 190 Racks
  5. Prism Circuits Programmer Stage in 187 Racks
  6. Serge Touch Keyboard / Sequencer in 181 Racks
  7. Random*Source SERGE DUAL SLOPE GENERATOR MK2 XL in 171 Racks
  8. Random*Source Carnivore: Serge DSG mk2 / SSG / Noise in 164 Racks
  9. Random*Source Serge VCFS + VCFQ in 163 Racks
  10. Serge Animal in 151 Racks
  11. Random*Source DUAL LOWPASS GATE / TIMBRE / STEREO MIXER ("DONKS") in 148 Racks
  12. Random*Source VARIABLE Q FILTER / R*S STEREO MIXER in 148 Racks
  13. Random*Source Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator / Random Source in 138 Racks
  14. Random*Source Divide and Compare in 129 Racks
  15. Serge PCO Precision Oscillator in 127 Racks
  16. Loudest Warning Variable Q VCF (VCFQ) in 121 Racks
  17. Random*Source SERGE TRIPLE + WAVESHAPER (TWS+) / NEW RING in 119 Racks
  18. Random*Source 8 step sequencer/programmer in 118 Racks
  19. Serge Soup Kitchen 1 in 116 Racks
  20. Serge mclass right edge in 114 Racks
  21. Loudest Warning wave multiplier in 112 Racks
  22. Serge Creature in 111 Racks
  23. Random*Source La Bestia II in 111 Racks
  24. Serge VCFQ in 110 Racks
  25. Serge 2vca in 110 Racks

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