2 HP
28 mm deep
$250 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Variable Bandwidth VCF

The Macropod is a brand new Variable Bandwidth Filter design from SetonixSynth. It utilizes the AS3350 Dual VCF IC (our second design to use this chip) to create a variety of filter topologies, including a true 12dB/Oct Variable Bandwidth output. It also includes a Variable Notch output and a “squared-off” version of the Variable Bandwidth output, perfect for more aggressive sounds without any additional patching.

This filter was inspired by the venerable Variable Bandwidth Filters of yesteryear (Serge VCF2 and Buchla 291 spring to mind), but with its modern circuitry and extra features, the Macropod will always bring something new to the party.

-Six outputs: HP, BP A, BP B, VBW A, VBW B, Notch
-Original circuit design (not a clone!)
-Full control of central cutoff and Bandwidth with onboard attenuverters for CV
-Separate 1V/Oct control for each filter stage
-Two Audio inputs (one with variable Gain) - perfect for feedback!
-Adjustable Resonance


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