Modal Synthesis Voice (MSV)

Buchla format adaptation of Elements by Mutable Instruments

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Based on Elements by Mutable Instruments, the MSV uses advanced digital signal processing to simulate an abstracted physical object which can be treated like a percussive, bowed, and wind instrument simultaneously. The three outputs of this process are mixed together and routed through a resonant filter bank that simulates various physical phenomena such as vibrating metal plates, strings, and membranes. The results range from familiar Buchlidian percussive tones to wild inharmonic dissonance, polished off with an internal digital reverb/spatializer.

With extensive voltage control options, Buchla-compatible audio and CV levels, and external audio inputs for both the exciter and resonator sections, the MSV significantly expands the timbral palette of your Buchla-format modular system.

  • 46 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

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