5 HP
30 mm deep
Current Draw
$250 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Extended version of the 112a controller

It consists of 16 touch-activated, pressure-sensitive keys together with two rows of 16 associated fixed control voltages dials and two control outputs for each row. There is also a third pair of control outputs whose output voltage is proportional to the finger pressures on any key, and a fourth pair of timing pulse outputs.

The fixed control voltage associated with any key may be determined by the setting on the coresponding dial in either row. Touching a key merely selects one of the control voltages in this case.

The value of the control voltage at the third pair of control outputs is proportional to the finger pressure on any key. This provides a means of manual dynamic veriation of control voltage.

The timing pulse output is activated when ever a key is touched. Thus the 112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source may be used manually to initiate a note or series of notes with both predetermined and dynamically variable control voltage parameters.


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