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Hjordijk licensed Benjolin for Buchla


Audio outputs normaled :

Square 5 pk-pk
Triangle 4 pk-pk
XOR 5 pk-pk
PWM 5 pk-pk
VCF Out is approx. line level

Added a jumper to disconnect the PWM that is internally wired to the filter.

1.2V Inputs _ these vcos are not super stable but 3 octaves tuned decently_ there's trimmers on the back to adjust each vcos

CV Attenuverters

Clock In & Serial In : Feed with external signal (at least 2V) Trig, gate, or CV. External is activated when switch is down.
Pulser from 208 is a bit to short to fire it. Works with 281, 245, TSNM, 259 square and saw waves, uStep, Klee sequencer, LFO, 266 outputs, 208 envelope...

Bit 1/2/3 : Gate Out 15v - when led light on : Gate=0

Stepped : Rungler CV output, 8 stepped voltage (S&H sort of). Maximum range from 0.5 to 12v. It can be trimmed.
One "scale" I find useful to shift the stages of the 245. 1,2v/2.6v/4v/5,4v/6,8v/8v/9.5v/10.8v

Switch mode : 8 steps / Random / 16 steps

PushButton : Manual Trigger Serial In. When pushed, it changes the pattern of the Rungler.

2-pole VCF with Rungler CV control and attenuverter.


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