1 HP
Current Draw
20 mA +15V
15 mA -15V
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Boolean 24A

Logic processor

The Boolean module is for logic processing. features- two inverters, AND gate, OR gate and an XOR gate. The Inverter sections are used to invert or flip a gate or clock pulse. This is useful if you want to delay a clock pulse by one step or have secondary gate that is opposite to the primary gate i.e. one gate is on while the other is off. The AND gate takes two pulse signals and applies conditional functions. When both input pulses are high (on), the output is high. When only one of the inputs is high and one is low (off) the output is low.

Example patch using the AND gate:

Input one - a clock set to 120 bpm Input two- a gate from a midi>cv converter connected to a midi keyboard. Output- fed to the clock input of the sequencer. The result is that when a key is played it allows the sequencer to step at 120bpm for as long as the key is depressed. This functions like a switch.

Other uses for the Boolean module:
* create clock rhythms to control sequencers
* chaotic LFO patterns
* alternating Envelope gating (Inverters)
* functions in both low frequency and audio range


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