12 HP
26 mm deep
Current Draw
38 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$289 Price in €

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MiniMod Dual Contour Generators

Dual Envelope section of Minimoog, identical circuit

Two independant Contour Envelope Generators in a single 12hp wide Eurorack module. These are very accurate replicas of the Model D contour generators, with identical circuitry and component values running on the correct +9.3V and -10v supply voltages of the original; so they exactly replicate the original envelope response along with all of it eccentricities. Extra features include manual trigger buttons and envelope status LED’s

The contour generators played a larger part in the sound of the Model D than many people realise. There are two factors that make them unique, firstly the exponential slope when is used in conjunction with the (near) linear slope of the original VCA which is responsible for the famous Model D “punch”. Secondly, the re-trigger behaviour is quite unique, multiple retriggering increases the output level so that either the volume increases incrementally or the filter opens incrementally with each extra key press.

We have added independant Decay switches for each individual Contour Generator rather than the shared switch on the original synthesiser, these switches change the Contour response from AD (switch up) to ADSD mode (switch down).

Module Width: 12hp

Current Usage: 45ma

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