22 HP
26 mm deep
Current Draw
5 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
95 mA 5V
$377 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

16 X 16 Sequential Matrix I/O router.

The ALYSEUM MATRIX II module consists of a dynamic matrix, both analog and digital in nature, which sports 16 inputs and 16 outputs.
A special 256 LED display made for a fast, friendly and intuitive graphical user interface, with each LED representing one of the 256 points of connection available.

The MATRIX II contain 7 Banks of 32 Presets and can be loaded by:
1. CLK+RST inputs to obtain a Sequential Matrix I/O router.
2. CV input and its offset adjutement.
3. MIDI Note On or PGM Change.
4. The front panel and the free cost MATRIX II editor.
5. The banks & presets of the expander Q-VCA and SELECTOR modules can be controlled by MIDI from the MATRIX II.

● 16 X 16 Matrix both Analog and Digital (DC-coupled).
● Control via front panel or by free editor (OSX and WIN32/64).
● Analog distortion: 0.01% (@ ±2 V).
● Analog Bandwidth: 0Hz to 20KHz (± 0,1 dB).
● Isolation between channels: 92 dB at 1KHz.
● Inputs & Outputs buffered with unity gain/low offset Op-Amp.
● Offset adjustement for the CV control.
● Simple firmware upgrades by the front panel MIDI port.
● Polarised power header and protection against reverse polarity.
● Eurorack 22 HP wide (4 HP less as the previous MS-MATRIX).


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