2 HP
50 mm deep
Current Draw
30 mA +12V
7 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

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Frequency counter / Tuner / Square sub oscillator

The Audiothingies CED is a tuner (based on a frequency counter) with great accuracy (less than 1 cent) on the whole audio range.

2 display modes available via the mode button:

In strobe mode, a led is moving. The more out of tune, the faster it moves and vice versa.
A brighter blinking LED indicates the detected note.
When you're +-10 cents from the ideal pitch, it starts blinking faster.
When you're +-5 cents from it, it blinks even faster.

The second mode is more precise.
A row of LEDs indicate how far you're from the ideal pitch.
No LED = 0.5 cent
1 LED = 1 cent
2 LEDs = 3 cents
3 LEDs = 5 cents
From there each LED adds 5 cents

Quick demo here:

Additionally, CED is capable of generating a square waveform, one or 2 octaves below the input signal.

Mods: the sub output can be changed to a thru output via 2 jumpers on the PCB and the reversible panel.

Mode button (strobe/calibration) A 2s press will turn off the tuner in sub configuration
Switch (sub config: octave (-1/-2) | thru config: on/off)

Hidden settings:
- the base frequency can be tuned from 432Hz to 445Hz
- 4 led brightness modes (low/mid/hi/max contrast between blink note and note accuracy)
Those 2 settings are accessible when the module starts and are saved to eeprom's module (no need to set this each time you start your modular).

Notes: as this tuner is based on a frequency counter, it is not capable of detecting the pitch of complex waveforms (like an ultrasaw for example).

Depth: 50mm including power cable (without cable clamp)


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