Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier

A dual AvonSynth VCA, designed, built, and expertly calibrated at our workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand. At normal levels (+/-5V), a very transparent utility VCA, but gain and bias can be set to overdrive with very pleasing distortion characteristics that emphasize low-end. Features and specifications listed below:

  • Fully Analogue Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
  • 10 HP wide (50.5mm), 20mm deep
  • Two independent and identical VCAs in one module
  • Current consumption: +12V 25ma, -12V 25ma
  • Linear or Logarithmic response switch
  • Dual linked audio inputs
  • Dual linked CV inputs


  • 25 mA +12V
  • 25 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 20 mm deep
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