16 HP
42 mm deep
Current Draw
40 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$100 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Dual Envelope Generator 1033

2500 Series Analog Envelope Generator Module for Eurorack

The Behringer 1033 Dual Envelope Generator re-creates the authentic analog circuit topology of a legendary 1970s modular synth module, delivering vintage synth tones that evoke the sound of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, and other electronic music pioneers. Like the Behringer 1003 Envelope Generator, the 1033 boasts a familiar four-section ADSR layout, with the release knob bearing the period-correct label “Final Decay Time.” But the 1033 adds a gate delay to each of the envelopes, a useful feature for offsetting the envelopes’ cycle start times for expanded soundshaping potential. The 1033 features six patch points: gate and trigger inputs and four signal outputs, including two inverted outputs for added flexibility. Use the Behringer 1033 for crafting long amplitude or filter swells, snappy percussive hits, or impactful stabs, or use it to modulate pulse width, pitch, or numerous other parameters for advanced patch design.


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