12 HP
24 mm deep
Current Draw
115 mA +12V
0 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$355 Price in €

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Six channel aleatoric brain

What is Chaos for real? Chaos is the hidden force that moves everything around us. It’s a random stream of events, whose correlation is impossible to understand.

Nonetheless, as a living paradox in our life we are used to influence chaos in a very deterministic way by setting the limits of its dynamic behavior: in this way we can preview events and make them possible.

We can set steady points, enclose them into cycling loops and then make them work for us as laws. That’s exactly what our Chaos does. A continuous stream of gates and voltages is produced by a sophisticated random engine controlled by a series of parameters that can be set to define its acting behavior. Chaos is a six-channel-aleathoric brain where a random generator helps you to quickly finalize your idea, starting from an extremely chaotic mood to a really controllable and determinated one with one-click distance.

It’s like shaping a block of stone.

Chaos is thought to be the fulcrum of your system providing:

  • An extremely wide range (10ms/10s) and stable master clock
  • 6 gate outputs with independent probability, width, swing, ratcheting and time control (synced or completely independent from the master clock)
  • 6 voltage outputs with independent quantization, slew, random voltage windows selection and ground transpose.
  • For each channel the option of using the internal random generator or sampling an external incoming voltage.
  • Individual channel looping capability.
  • Save and recall (also under CV control) 8 slots with no lag.
  • The ability to randomize all the parameters of all the selected channels with entropy control setting.
  • External CV control for looping, chaos, slot recalling and random voltage CV in.

With all these functions combined together Chaos is pretty flexible and can be easily used as an advanced turing machine, drum sequencer, modulation generator, clock source, voltage recorder and many many other duties.


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