10 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
16 mA +12V
16 mA -12V
7 mA 5V
$130 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

VC looping Envelope Generator

The CubuSynth ADSR Module is a VC looping envelope generator, with controls for the Attack, Decay, Sustain and
Release stages, for overall Time of the envelope and CV inputs for Time and Level.
The EnvGen8 chip was written/designed by Tom Wiltshire aka "Electric Druid". For more information visit:

1 ATTACK (1ms - 10s)
Sets the time, the Envelope takes to reach full level from the moment a gate is detected (Key is pressed)
2 DECAY (1ms - 10s)
Sets the time, after the envelope hits full level, to fade to the level set by the SUSTAIN Knob.
3 SUSTAIN (0% – 100%)
Sets the Volume to stay after the decay, while the GATE input is high.
4 RELEASE (1ms - 10s)
Sets the time for the fade out on falling edge of the GATE input (after the Key is released)
5 MODE switch
Select between exponential and linear curves.
6 PUNCH switch
Adds extra thump to very short percussive envelopes
Allows selection between three different modes of operation. Gated mode is a normal envelope. Gated Looping will
trigger the ATTACK stage when the GATE goes high, then continue looping whilst the GATE remains high, and will
RELEASE to zero when the GATE goes low. The LFO Looping mode loops continuously and ignores input from the
8 TIME (x1 – x100)
Overall Time control which shortens the length of the entire envelope.
9 TIME CV Attenuator
Attenuates incoming CV for Time modulation. Higher voltages will shorten the
length of the envelope.
10 TRIG Input
Re-trigger for the envelope. Useful for Polyphonic patches. Envelope goes to
ATTACK stage on rising edge of 0-5V pulse while Gate can still be on.
11 GATE Input
Normalized to TRIG Input. Envelope goes to RELEASE stage on the falling edge.
12 Level CV Input
Control the overall Volume of the envelope. Can be used for velocity control.
If nothing is plugged in, the Volume stays on max.
13 OUT
CV-output of the envelope (0 to +5V)
14 LED
Indicates the output voltage.
CV Input for Time modulation. Higher voltages will shorten the length of the
Inverted voltage of the output CV (0 to -5V)


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