Panning VCA

The VCA-2P is a stereo (dual channel) voltage controlled amplifier. VCA LEFT and VCA RIGHT can work in linear or logarithmic mode. The panning VCA can be coupled as panning VCA between VCA LEFT and VCA RIGHT (PAN switch in position "IN" and controlled manually by knob and/or by signal inserted to LEVEL CV, PAN input) or as an stand-alone dual voltage controlled amplifier (PAN L, PAN R). The pannig VCA's are different from main VCA's in the sense that amplitude modulation acts with both positive and negative control signal and around zero.

The depth of amplitude modulation is dependent of amount of controlling signal. The left and right VCA has an build-in BLEND function; in position "0" the signal is not affected by level controls and successively in position "10" the amplifier is fully controlled (greatest dynamic range) by LEVEL CV controls.
The VCA LEFT and VCA RIGHT are controlled by CV LEVEL signals inserted to inputs AMOUNT (left and right) and LEFT (VCA LEFT) and RIGHT (VCA RIGHT). The AMOUNT (actually another two VCA's) controls the amplitude of LEFT and RIGHT control signals. An example; the envelope generators amplitude, inserted to the LEFT or RIGHT, can be controlled by another positive going signal inserted to the AMOUNT inputs.

  • 30 mA +12V
  • 30 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
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