27 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
35 mA +12V
25 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$525 Price in €

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A versatile dual 8 steps or single 16 steps Sequencer

2 x 8 mode :
- Dual 8 steps sequencer, each sequencer can be set to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 steps (with the "stop" switch).
- Every step's gate can be muted ("off" switch)
- 3 voltage ranges : 1v (1 octave), 2v (2 octaves) and Infinite (~10 octaves)
- Controlled by internal clock (~ 20 > 3500 Bpm) or external clock. Sequencer n°2 is slave on Sequencer n°1 if set to "ext clock" and if nothing is plugged into it's clock input jack.
- Manual clock function : "step" push button.
- Pause function for each sequencer.
- "Transpose" voltage control input that can be assigned to one or both sequencers.
- Each sequencer has a "Gate Bus", it is a secondary gate pattern that goes out to the "Bus 1" output jack for Sequencer n°1, and to "Bus 2" for Sequencer n°2.

1 x 16 mode :
- When Sequencer n°1 has finished its cycle, it switches to Sequencer n°2, it allows a maximum of 16 steps.
- Each sequencer can play a selectable number of cycles (between 1 and 8) before switching to the other.
- In 1x16 mode, both CVs are summed to "CV1" output, both GATES are summed to GATE 1 output and all GATE BUSES are summed to BUS 1 output. The "STEP" button of Sequencer n°1 acts for both sequencers, as well as the PAUSE button, the transpose switch and the voltage range switch.

Sequencer n°1 and sequencer n°2 can individually be reset manually. They can also be reset together with the "Reset All" button or with an external pulse or trigger.

CV1 and GATE1 can be connected to the Doepfer CV and GATE system bus with 2 jumpers.


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