8 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
130 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$250 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Color LCD oscilloscope and audio measurement tools

Single & dual trace scope with internal & external trigger. DC to 20Khz. +/-10v DC, +/-5v DC, 0-10v DC and +/-10v AC coupled. Timebase adjustable from 100 uSec/div to 5 Sec/div. The slow timebases update the screen in real time, so you see the trace slowly sweeping across instead of waiting for it to sample the whole waveform and then refresh.

The inputs are "loop through" inputs. Meaning that they are like 2-jack multiples. So you can connect one module to the input and then run another cable to another module without needing multiples.

Besides the scope modes it also has several audio and CV tool modes:

Levels - this is an LED-like display that shows "lights" for how long the waveform spends at each level. This allows you to see the upper and lower limits of the waveform, as well as distinguish between some types of waveforms by how the lights are shaded. For example a square wave just lights up the highest and lowest light corresponding to the top and bottom of the waveform, while a triangle is evenly lit, and a sine wave is lighter at the top and bottom and has a curved darkening of the lights towards the center.

VU & Peak - Classic LED style VU and Peak meters. The VU displays in dbVU while the Peak displays in volts or dbU depending on the scale selected. Scales include 5v p-p, 10v p-p and +4dbU (you can input line level audio and see a calibrated display).

Spectrum Analyzer - Adjustable levels and top frequency, as well as two types of display. Linear shows evenly spaced columns based on Hz, while the Log display a logarithmic spread of frequencies.

X/Y display - Display Lissajous patterns. Has a voltage scale setting and a time averaging setting to sample the inputs over short or long periods of time to build up patterns.


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