8 x Gate Mixer

Gatemix is, as you've probably guessed, a gate mixer. There are 8 gate inputs which can be enabled with either a pushbutton or another gate/CV.

Gatemix has two output buses, and each input can be assigned to Bus A, Bus B, or both. The outputs don't simply mix all the voltages together; when an input is detected, no matter the voltage, the output will always be the same voltage. This output voltage can be switched between +5v, +10v or a user-selectable voltage that can be anywhere between approximately -12 and +12v. This voltage can be set with the on-board knob or from an external source. The gate on/off can also be inverted, so that on = 0V and off = whatever voltage you have set.

The timing of the gate outputs can either just follow the inputs, or can be set to an adjustable fixed on time whenever they are triggered.

All the buttons on this module are lit. The input channel buttons light dimly to indicate that a channel is enabled and brightly when a gate signal is present. They light red to indicate that the gate will be coming out Bus A, blue to indicate Bus B or magenta for both. The input channel toggles between enabled and disabled with each press of the button.

The Bus A and Bus B buttons light with their respective color whenever a gate signal is being sent. Pressing these buttons will manually trigger the gate outputs.

Gatemix can be used in any system, but it makes a perfect companion to the Mattson SQ816 sequencer. Use it to enable, disable, mix and assign the SQ816's stage gate outputs. In fact, there's even a pass-through connector in the back that connects to the SQ816's main board, so you can connect all the stage gates without using any patch cables. Don't worry, you can still use Gatemix for other things; the rear SQ816 connection is bypassed for each channel as soon as you plug something into the front jack for that channel.

Note: Gatemix has 8 channels and the SQ816 has 16 stage gate outs, so if you'll need two if you want to interface with all the stages. Both buses have expansion inputs to make daisy-chaining multiple units easy.

Think of this as a performance gate mixer. Maybe you have all your sequencer stage gates running into Gatemix, and you've got a kick and a snare patch connected to the two bus outputs. You can create drum patterns that match up to your sequence and modify them on the fly using Gatemix's buttons and switches.


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V

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