18 HP
21 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$200 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Mini synth on top. Mini sequencer on the bottom.

Synthesizer on the top, sequencer on the bottom! The Mini Sequesizer combines the Dual Mini Synthesizer and Dual Mini Sequencer into a single, powerful module.

Synthesizer Features:
Pulse, square, triangle, and sawtooth waves
2 LFOs with pulse, square, saw, triangle and ramp shapes
Attack / Decay
Low-pass filter
Sample and hold
Manual gate trigger (can be locked on)
Gate normals automatically to the Sequencer
1V/O input with course and fine-tune controls

Sequencer Features:
Daisy-chain additional sequencers using the XP IN/OUT jacks to create sequences of ANY length.
Has its own internal clock to get you up and running in a hurry, but you can connect an external clock if you need greater control of tempo or want to sync with other devices.
The module stores your latest sequence even when the power has been removed.
This module has lots of LEDs and is very shiny, but only two of them are ever on at a time, which keeps it from loading down your power supply.

Now shipping version 2! Here are some of the new features you have to look forward to:
7 sequence memories
5 song memories (string sequences together)
SLUR- change pitch between steps without firing gate
Variable gate timing (including ratcheting)
ACC can be set to drop or not drop between steps, or follow gate timing for that step
Auto-advance step when programming
Live transpose (use the keyboard to shift entire sequence up or down while running)
Live edit (buttons you push while running get saved to the sequence)
1X mode (disable to use XP IN as a reset without requiring an external gate mixer)
Clock out (use ACC out jack to output clock if using internal clock)
CLK IN (External clock input)
XP IN (Expansion input; Starts sequencer back at step 1. Use for daisy-chaining multiple units.)
XP OUT (Sends pulse when sequencer goes past last step. Use for daisy-chaining multiple units.)
ACC (accent) OUT (Can be programmed on or off in each sequence step)
CV OUT covers 5 octaves, and can be tuned using front-accessible trim pot
Sequences can be set to any length up to 16 steps by using LOOP feature
Setting a step to REST holds previous pitch and doesn't fire GATE
In Standby mode, sequencer can be used as a tiny keyboard without altering programmed sequences
Daisy-chain the sequence into INFINITY with other Sequesizers/Sequencers!


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