Polyphonic Random Voltage Source

Module A-149-4 generates four triggered random voltages which meet the criteria choosen by several controls and associated control voltage inputs.
Manual controls and control voltage inputs for the criteria selection:

Octave range (manual control "Oct." and control voltage input "O"): this parameter defines how many octaves are covered by the random voltages (0 ... 10 according to 0 ... +10V, with "Oct." control fully CCW and no external CV only 0V are generated)
Grid (manual control "Grid" and control voltage input "G"): this parameter defines the grid of the random voltages:
Octaves (Oct)
Octaves + Quin (Quint)
Quarter tones
continuous (i.e. stepless)
Minor / Major (toggle switch "Min/Maj" without center position and control voltage input "M"): this parameter defines in case of chords or scales if the are minor or major. For all other grids this parameter has no meaning
Sixth / Seventh (toggle switch "+6/+7" with center position and control voltage input "67"): this parameter defines if the sixth or seventh is added. It is valid only if Oct, Quint, Chord or Scale is chosen as grid.
The output voltages follow the 1V/octave standard. The generation of a new random voltage at the output (CV Out 1...4) is triggered by the corresponding trigger input (Trig. In 1...4). The trigger inputs are normalled top down. The minimum trigger level is +2.5V (up to max. +12V).
The voltage range for the control voltage inputs O, G, M and 67 is 0...+5V. The voltage at the CV input is added to the voltage generated by the corresponding manual rotary control (Oct., Grid) or switch (Min/Maj, +6/+7).

random polyphonic structures (in combination with the polyphonic modules A-111-4, A-105-4, A-132-8, A-141-4 and e.g. A-157 as trigger source and A-173-1/2 for transposition of the polyphonic structures)
any application that requires several random voltages
Release date: summer 2020 (without obligation)
All specifications are still preliminary and without obligation !


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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4 HP QuadRandom
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