4 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
10 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$65 Price in €

This Module is currently available.


The a-183-3 is a simple amplifier. It is DC coupled and can be used for both CV and audio signals. The maximal amplification can be switched between 1, 2 and 4 (in position 1 the module does not work as an amplifier but as an attenuator). The level can be adjusted by means of the level control between zero and the chosen maximum amplification (1/2/4). Two overload LEDs indicate if the output signal goes beyond about +10v or becomes less than about -10v. Input and output are equipped with miniature 2-fold multiples (nothing but 2 connected sockets).

The main application of this module is to adapt differing audio or cv levels between different modules or systems. For example LFO, ADSR or gate levels between modules of different manufacturers can be increased or attenuated. Even audio signals can be attenuated or amplified up to 4. The module cannot be used as an amplifier for external low level audio signals (e.g. microphones or electric guitars!).


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