24 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$375 Price in €

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

Time-Domain Boss / Bringer of Doom

KALI is a boss-level FX processor, a 2-channel digital delay and 6-channel modulation source with extensive capability.

Time-Domain Processing

There are 3 major modes, Basic, Parvati, and Kali. Within each are several submodes.

Basic Mode
These are straightforward delays, with a FIR filter on the feedback loop (can be bypassed with cutoff knob at 100%). Meta1 fine tunes the delay time, Meta2 divides the time sharply by whole numbers. Submodes include Straight, Ping-pong, LCR, and a M/S delay.

Parvati Mode
Submodes include multi-tap delays and granular delays, appropriate for chorus effects, phasers, and 'harmonizer' effects.

Kali Mode
This is the FSU mode. Randomly warbling/freezing grains, heavily distorted feedback loops, digital wave shaping, etc.

Within each mode, you can 'freeze' the delay, which will stops writing to the delay line and loops the existing buffer. Each major mode has some unusual quirks, pitch can be changed in all modes, some can change loop size and scrub.

Additionally there is an experimental external feedback loop mode, wherein which you can use Out L as a send to other modules (i.e. analog filters) and use In R as the return. This skips the digital filter. Mono only.

6x 12-bit CV Outputs

Lofi, but can reach audio rates and possibly cause mayhem.

LFO Modes
* Linked LFOs with frequencies synchronized to the L / R delay times (3 x L, 3 x R)
* Linked Jittery LFOs - Probabilistic (Variable %) Phase Jumps (i.e. randomly jumps to another point in the same waveform), and 50% of flipping over. Variable from never to constant.
* Linked Smooth Random S+H
* Linked Stepped Random S+H
* 'Glacier' mode (very slow).
* 'Osc' mode (very fast / audio rate).
* 'Polythene' mode, 6x clocks.

Each output by default follows a master setting, but can be edited individually to change speed, switch mode, or toggle unipolar/bipolar operation.

Clocks (2x Gate Output)

  • Linked to Delay Time - The two gate outputs produce a clock synchronized to L and R delay time respectively
  • Unlinked Full / Half (Variable rate, clock 2 is 1/2 speed of clock 1)

Kali can be synchronized to an external pulse clock, or midi clock, and will send midi sync.


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