14 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
34 mA +12V
4 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$369 Price in €

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4 voice polyphonic controller

«Klang» is a 4 voice polyphonic controller. It stores, traverses and manipulates chord progressions.
–– From elektrofon.no


«Klang» is a unique take on polyphonic control within Eurorack.
Displaying chords in a circular clock-like display, and giving the user immediate control over every aspect without “menu diving„ makes for an easy to use and inspiring module.

The module can store up to 99 chords, where each chord is made up of 4 voices.
Each voice is represented by a colored indicator on the clock-face which in turn is controlled by an encoder.
The indicators points to notes on the chromatic scale drawn in 360° around the clock-face.


The big grey encoder in the middle of the module lets you browse the chords – the active chord and total chord count is shown just above the encoder on the display.

The + button lets you ad a new chord. The new chord is added after the currently active chord, and the new chord is then set as the active chord.

The - button removes the current chord.


The module has 3 inputs – 1 trigger input and 2 bipolar CV inputs.

Trigger input

The trigger input triggers a chord change.
If the direction input is unconnected, a single trigger results in a single step in the forwards direction.

Direction input (+-5V)

The direction input normalizes to a single step in the forwards direction.
You can feed this input a bipolar CV (+-5V).
Direction maps the total chord count to 5V. This means that +5V results in a single trigger progressing +n steps, where n is the total chord count.

A negative voltage will do exactly the same but resulting in backwards stepping.

0V equals no movement.

Transpose input (+-5V)

This bipolar CV lets you transpose the current chord up or down within 1 octave.
It is therefore a 5V/oct input.
The reason for this is that it is intended to be used with an analoge voltage source like the Pressure Points from Make Noise, or any other analoge sequencer.
It is much easier to fine tune a 5V/oct signal with a regular potentiometer than a 1V/oct signal.


Each voice has a separate color coded 1V/oct CV output.


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