41 HP
Current Draw
170 mA +12V
70 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$569 Price in €

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Quadrantid Swarm (41HP)

Digital multi oscillator techno synth

Note: This is entry is for those who would prefer using the 41HP spec.

The Quadrantid Swarm module from Eowave is a semi-modular digital hybrid Eurorack module with a vast array of sounds, ready to be integrate with the rest of your Eurorack system. Combining a triangle oscillator with spread folding with a secondary percussive voice, it is capable of an incredible amount of textures and timbres. Further shape those sounds with the two 12dB/oct filters, configured in series. Filter 1 is selectable between low pass and high pass, while filter 2 is a low pass filter. In addition to the digital elements, a physical spring reverb provides a distinctive element of space to your sounds.

The touchplate interface is configurable in three modes: monophonic touchplate, polyphonic touch plate, and step sequencer. The eight-step sequencer has both an internal clock and can be clocked from an external clock source. In addition, the Quadrantid Swarm features a MIDI input to sequence the synthesizer from MIDI sources. An eight-waveform LFO with slew limiter adds motion to your sounds, while the two-stage envelope modulates the VCA and VCF concurrently.

Due to the semi-modular nature of this synthesizer, it requires no patch cables to make sounds. However, it contains a multitude of CV inputs to add another dimension of modulation and control. Whether you use it on its own or as part of a more extensive setup, the Quadrantid Swarm is a source of a myriad of sounds.

- Semi-modular digital hybrid synthesizer voice
- Touchplates can be used monophonically, polyphonically, or as an eight-step sequencer
- Triangle wave oscillator with spread wavefolding
- Percussive voice with a ton of character
- Eight-waveform LFO with slew limiter
- Two 12dB/oct filters in series
- Two-stage envelope
- MIDI input
- Physical spring reverb
- Tons of CV inputs and outputs


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