4 HP 18-channel rack-to-rack bridge

Link is an 18-channel rack-to-rack bridge module that carries up to 18 CV/gate/audio signals over a single connection cable to another Link module either in another rack or elsewhere in the same rack. Link makes it easy to create large patches in two separate cases, and then only have to detach a single cable in order to separate the cases. Link has 10 mono jacks and 4 stereo jacks, for up to 18 signal connections. The stereo jacks can be broken out into 2 separate mono channels with an optional breakout cable. Connection between two Link modules is made by a standard off-the-shelf HDMI cable.

A limited number of production units are now available for sale at Knobcon; more to come in about a month's time.


  • Module does not draw current
  • 15 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

4 HP Expander
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