20 HP
Current Draw
160 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$350 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

Eurorack Sequencer Module

Super Sixteen is a 100% open-source, open-hardware eurorack CV sequencer by Extralife Instruments.

It has pitch CV, velocity CV, and gate outputs with up to 64 steps per sequence (in 4 pages of 16). It stores up to 99 sequences in patch memory, and is just 20HP wide. Some of its additional features include:

-selectable chromatic and diatonic scales
-fully adjustable swing timing
-motion recording for pitch, octave, duration, velocity
-per-step glide/portamento
-real-time rhythm and pitch effects like beat repeat, randomize, and stutter roll
-clock input and output with adjustable swing timing

Source code is on github.


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